November editing

This month I gave several items one last try, 
most likely one last wear.

My green Tangerine brand jacket did not make the cut.

Another item was a rust colour cardigan made by American Ragcie.
The cardigan was purchased in April 2011 for 5.99 USD and was 
worn 6 times since then, mostly in 2011.
I doubted the shape and then noticed a big tear.
And for a dollar a wear, I think it got the job done.

My beige short sleeve jacket by Sawary was
also edited this time around, it was not working for me.

Another item was my Panabrisa button down shirt.
It was too small, the colour was not my favourite, I never wore it
and finally I did not even like it that much.

I also let go of  brown jeans made by Style & Co. 
I fell, tore the jeans and that was the end of them.
Have had them since 2010 and wore them about 20 times.
I'd kept them if it was not for the hole.

A pair of gold and beige earrings were also let go.
I wore them because I had them, not because
I really liked them.

My butterfly tote was also one to go.

7 items this month.

How's your closet editing coming along ?

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Kim Alston said...

It's so important to do! I can tell things are getting MUCH easier with my closet now, because I'm not throwing out MASSES of things.