September closet edits

September closet edit time.

A lace Have tank top, it was a hand me down and
was not worn much. I sold it at the flea market.

Yet another 7 For All Mankind pair of jeans.
Great wash but it was too low cut.

Purchased in April 2012, my pink Papaya jeans
were really low cut - still, I wore them 12 times,
taking cost per wear to about 0.50 cents a wear.

Fergalicious beige pumps.
I bought these on line a few years back.
They were pretty worn.
Worn at least 30 times on the blog, I got my
money's worth :)

Another one to go was this black patent Xoxo wristlet.
Never, ever worn. I decided to let it go 
because it rusted.

My turquoise enamel butterfly earrings were also
let go. I figure I have enough small earrings.

Another item that I let go of was this 
silver tone mother of pearl necklace.

My white mother of pearl like sunnies.
These were purchased in November 2011 for
the sum of 5.99 USD.
I wore them to death, yeah and they fell apart.

For a change, this month I also went through my formal wear.
Got rid of a pink ABS Evening dress that I wore to three weddings and when I tried it on it looked hideous.

Also in the bag a Eureka dress that I also wore to three weddings and decided that it was timeto get rid of it, it also looked awful.

Finally a gold Bari Jay dress, worn once, it no longer fits me or my current style and lets not forget that this takes a lot of room in the closet.

Total September edits: 11

Purchased in September

I originally went out to find a pair of white sunglasses
to replace the ones that fell apart.
I did not find a replacement but I did find some
great cotton t-shirts.

I thought it was about time I replaced by black t-shirt and a good fitting white t-shirt is never a bad purchase.

I've been wanting to purchase shorts for a while now but they are never the exact, correct length I need - but these white Larry Levine shorts were ! 
They went home with me for 18.99 USD.

Two pairs of sunglasses, one black and blue, the other off white.
One for 5.99 USD, the other 6.99 USD.

Also this month a pearl Chanel like brooch
picked up by a friend in China for 40.00 USD.

My September total was 82.75 USD.

Do you ...

Do you ever wish you ...
Blue dress Freesite - Grey and yellow pumps Kelsey Dagger -
 Purple bag Coach 
had a second chance to meet someone ..

again for the first time ? 

I sure do.

It's been ages

When I started this blog five years ago,
when the post went live, it was what I
was wearing at the time.

Dress Sandra Warren - Flats Marc Fisher - Purple bag Coach
Somewhere along the way, I got behind.
Usually about a week.

Cardigan Calvin Klein - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
Then, finally today I am able to say that I
am caught up on my posts.
Today I am wearing what is pictured.

Now, I just have to catch up with your blogs ;)

Wooded beads

I've had this top forever.

Light blue Quest beaded top - Gap Jeans - Innovativi wedges -
Purple bag Coach - Sunglasses Michael Kors
"Forever" meaning at least ten years.

Its been worn about 3 times during
the last five years.

Which means its time to let go.

What's the point of holding on to something 
that I need to wear an uncomfortable bra with ?
What's the point of wearing something I have
to tug on all day…?

Straw necklace

A few years ago in a market in Puebla, Mexico
I came across an interesting item.

GAP jeans - LuckyCom yellow blouse -
Striped and flowers flats Nine West - Purple bag Coach
It was a long strand of thread that had hand woven straw pieces.
While I had no idea what they were, I figured they
would work as a necklace.

Years later I now wonder what they were meant to be.

Regardless the original use, I think things are meant to 
be of use for youwhatever the use may be.

Lying to myself

The last couple of days I have been 
wearing a twelve year old pair of jeans
from 7 For All Mankind.

Black bow tie top MNG Mango - 7 For All Mankind Jeans -
Black flats Jessica Simpson - Purple bag Coach
They are tight and the hem is awful.

Red heart sweater Forever 21 - 7 For All Mankind jeans -
Stripes and flowers flats Nine West - Purple bag Coach

However I keep wearing them, the reason ?
I'm lying to myself, thinking that "they fit"
and they don't , they're a size that I no longer am.

So, yes I am pushing myself to let them go.

If you have to be truthful to someone, it's gotta be yourself.

Black tops

I've tried to wear these trousers in a more 
creative way.

Black and white trousers H&M - Black bow top sweater MNG Mango - 
Black patent shoes Zara - Purple bag Coach

However my attempts have not been what I envisioned
and I just keep reaching for black tops.

Overalls + Cardigan

This was not much of a planned look.

White tshirt - Jeans Overall MNG Mango -
Blue suede flats Zara - Purple bag Coach 

It was just something that "happened".
I am not sure how else I can pull off 
overalls other than the regular tshirt.

Any thoughts ?

Skirt Suit

Today seemed appropriate to
wear a skirt suit.

Grey skirt suit Rampage - Yellow blouse LuckyCom -
 Purple bag Coach - Grey and yellow pumps 
Because I felt like it.

A smile

A smile is that curve...

Express & Co. - Black patent shoes Zara - Purple bag Coach
that sets everything straight.

Sometimes when you do not agree or are
just a minority that has no time to argue…

Sunglasses Michael Kors

Never Changing

Sometimes you hope that people will change.
You know, "grow up" and "act accordingly"...

French Connection FCUK grey dress - 
Grey flats Zara - Purple bag Coach 

However this is not always the case...


Do you ever have second thoughts about
going home with an item you thought 
was overpriced ?

Well, that is what I thought when I took this
jeans overalls from MNG home a few months ago.

MNG Mango jeans overall - White t-shirt -
Blue suede flats Zara - Purple bag Coach - Michael Kors sunglasses
I was at the mall and walked into a store
where they had SO MANY overall options at
half the price that I just wanted to beat myself up.

Kate Spade like red, white and blue enamel bracelet
If I had only waited…
I guess its the price you pay when 
you want things right there and then.

Attached to clothing

I am that person that refuses to part with
something because someone in particular
gave it to me.

Dress Sandra Darren - Green flats Vitoria Ferreira - Cardigan H&M - Purple bag Coach
But lately I have been noticing that 
these are just things taking up space.

Space in the closet and sometimes
space in my thoughts.

With this in mind I have plans
for more closet edits.

Upsetting People

Three weeks ago I attended a meeting with
government authorities.

Gap jeans - Yellow blouse LuckyCom  - Purple bag Coach -
Silk flats  Silk on Shoes 
We were working on a law proposal.
Upon finishing the meeting, we set
the next meeting date: in two weeks.

The day before the scheduled meeting, I had
not received the document draft with the changes.

So I sent an email informing that I was attending
the meeting the next day but, that I had not received
the document we had worked on.

The lawyer assigned to the task was very upset 
that I had made this remark.

Sometimes I feel that I have this God sent 
ability to upset people, but come on, 
What are we in,  high school ?

Early o late ?

I am the type of person that would rather
go into a room when its empty rather than
when it is full.

Black dress George - Zebra print heels Bershka - Purple bag Coach
 - Pearl handcuff necklace Forever 21- Pearl bracelet Forever 21
In order to accomplish that, I try to 
be as early as possible anywhere I go.

How about you.
Early or late ?

Vintage Clip Ons

I usually don't do clip on earrings.

Black trousers - White sleeveless button down shirt Intrigue -
Black flats Sam Edelman - Purple bag Coach 
They tend to be heavy and smash my earlobe to a 
point that I usually remove them during the day.

However I recently got a vintage gold tone and white pair 
from my 98 year old great aunt, I could not say no.

I wore them today and they were not bad.
Sometimes when I chose to wear things that I do not consider
"my style" I get out of my own comfort zone and am 
able to explore other possibilities.
In this case it was clip ons and earrings larger than usual.
I think they worked.