Purchased in September

I originally went out to find a pair of white sunglasses
to replace the ones that fell apart.
I did not find a replacement but I did find some
great cotton t-shirts.

I thought it was about time I replaced by black t-shirt and a good fitting white t-shirt is never a bad purchase.

I've been wanting to purchase shorts for a while now but they are never the exact, correct length I need - but these white Larry Levine shorts were ! 
They went home with me for 18.99 USD.

Two pairs of sunglasses, one black and blue, the other off white.
One for 5.99 USD, the other 6.99 USD.

Also this month a pearl Chanel like brooch
picked up by a friend in China for 40.00 USD.

My September total was 82.75 USD.