August Purchases

Believe it or not, I have actually
been Christmas gift shopping.

As usual in the midst of it all, I always manage to buy
something for myself.

One of the purchases was this Jessica Simpson geometric pattern dress.
A few sizes larger than what I wear, but for the price of 9.99 USD
I think a few extra bucks with the seamstress can make it work.

Also picked up these earrings from Cyzone.
They are silver toned and are slipped on the 
earlobe, which I thought was kind of cool and
unusual for 8.00 USD.

Another purchase was this vintage Escada green belt,
for 11.25 USD including shipping.

Finally, a purple Coach bag which I fell in love with,
the minute I walked into the local Coach store for 146.38 USD.

Total for August was 176.50 USD

August Closet Edits

Here we go, another month of closet edits:

My brown Drn Brn jacket, worn three times in this blog's life.
It's just tight and 3 times in 5 years means that I am not that into it.

My MNG Mango t shirt with braided necklace was purchased in July 2011
for 23.00 USD. Worn about 10 times, taking it to about 2.30 USD per wear.
I found a small hole in it the last time I wore it. 

My orange Uniform top, worn 3 times in 5 years.
I always had to tug on it because the shoulders kept slipping.
Off it goes.

Another orange item: my Calvin Klein bright sleeveless button down shirt.
Older than this blog, it was worn about 5 times in the last 5 years.
I am also letting go.

My black old mini skirt from Fashion Art USA is also in the give away bag.

My 1974 Bell Levi jeans remake.
They are tight, I am not feeling the wide bell bottoms.
Purchased in November 2009, these were worn about 10 times.

My last item is a dear one: my purple Kenneth Cole bag purchased 
in 2011 for 24.99 USD. I got a lot of wear out of it, over 60 wears.
However I suddenly stopped wearing it and left it in the closet and
the humidity got to it and it began to fall apart. The pvc on the handles
began to peel off and I felt to guilty for letting this happen :(

Another item was this white crocheted vintage collar.
It honestly did not look good on me, I wore it once or twice 
decided to sell it at the flea market.

Finally this colourful Michelle cardigan. I did not wear it much.

Last time I wore it I was not fully convinced and when I took 
it off I realised it had a tiny hole.
Just what I needed to convince myself to let it go.

That's 9 items this month.

All gone

Almost all of this outfit is now gone.

Brown jacket Drn Brn - MNG Mango tshirt - Levis jeans -
Innovativi wedges - Michael Kors sunglasses
The jeans were really tight and I was not feeling
their vintage remake flare anymore.
The tshirt had a tiny hole and I could not button
the jacket, it was quite restraining…

So, after I took these off I decided that it
was time to let go.

My old mini

Last month while I checked the closet for unworn items
to take to the flea market, there she was: my old mini skirt.

Black mini skirt Fashion Art USA - Orange top Uniform -
Black flats Lavender by Vera Wang  
It's been worn just once before in the blog, it was back in 2010.
It's just too short, however I have held on to it 
because I have had it for at least 18 years. 

But, this is the last time you'll see it.
At least it still fits.

I'd like to hear about the oldest garment in your closet.


I was running a few errands for work this weekend.

Black shorts - Animal Print top Antillia Femme -
Black flats Sam Edelman - Purple bag Coach
As I walked into a perfumery I ran into a
nice lady that had participated in a training I 
held sometime last year.

As I said hello, she said to me, 
"Oh, I didn't recognise you, you look so relaxed…"
Which probably means that most of the time I 
look uptight :/

7 For All Mankind

A few years ago, when I picked up these pair
of jeans, I could not get enough from them.

7 For All Mankind jeans - White tshirt - Mint cardigan Calvin Klein -
Innovativi wedges - Purple bag Coach 
It was my go-to pair of jeans.
I wore them weekdays, weekends, parties,
to restaurants, work.. you name it.

However, lately not only have I not been
wearing them that often but when I do, I 
feel they are too low cut.
When I sit down I have to watch out
I don't show too much.

After the last few wears I just think that
its time to let them go, 
my dear 7 For All Mankind jeans.

How old is your oldest pair of jeans ?

Mine is probably about 8 years old...

Out with the girls

Today I had a date with 3 girls.

Unionbay jeans - Tan bubble top -
Brown flats Franco Sarto - Purple bag Coach 

We went out for lunch.
The girls, were my almost 85 year old grandmother,
and her elder sisters who are 99 and 98.
What a treat ;)

Blue on blue with blue

I am not a very monochromatic dresser.

Blue trousers Jones New York - Blue sweater with red heart Forever 21 -
White button down shirt Lacoste - Purple bag Coach - Blue suede shoes Zara
I always think it's not the exact same colour.

However today, it kind of worked.

Michael Kors sunglasses

So, its blue on blue with blue.

Not getting dressed

Sometimes I feel like I am throwing on 
garments and not thinking them through.

Brown skirt - Neon blouse H&M - Michael Kors sunglasses
 Leopard print flats Me Too - Purple bag Coach
Today is one of those days.

It's not the same as getting dressed.

Eye call

I'm pretty sure this has happened to you,
you've been "eye called".

Blue plaid jumpsuit Zara Trafaluc - Burgundy heeled loafers - Purple bag Coach

Its that moment when you look at someone, well
because they have been looking at you and 
somehow even though you are not seeing it,
the stare is so strong you can sense it...


When you feel like quitting,
Black shorts - Black tshirt Daisy Fuentes - Purple Coach bag - Black flip flops Soda
Think about why you started.

3 ways

This is probably the last time you will see me wear this
colourful cardigan like piece.

Black dress AA Studio - Printed cardigan -
Purple Coach bag - Black flats Sam Edelman 

 I don't think it is working for me, I also found a tiny hole in it.

So, on this last time wearing it I thought it could try
wearing it three different ways: 
knotted at the front, open and tied at the back.

While I kind of liked the tied at the back version, I
felt constrained in it, I guess its what a straitjacket must feel like.

If you want to know..

If you want to know where your heart is..

White dress H&M - Jean Jacket -
Gold flats Nine West - Purple bag Coach
look where your mind wanders…."

I must admit my heart is all over the place ;)

Self made

A few months ago I picked up this colourful fabric with
the intention of sewing a skirt for myself.

Black short sleeve button down - Skirt - Red shoes Biviel - Purple bag Coach 
It took me a while, as not only have I never taken
a sewing class, but I did it without any patterns.

While I can only look at the imperfections: 
high waisted, pleats are not the same size, 
finish is poor and so on - I have to admit that
I am quite proud that I sewed it on my own.

The best part of it all was getting compliments and humbly answering
"It's not perfect, but I made it myself".

Terrible hair day

All I could think of when I uploaded 
this picture was " Wow, what a terrible hair day".

Leopard print button down shirt Antilia Femme - Brown skirt - Brown flats Franco Sarto

How did I manage to walk out the door that day ?
Yet… it happens.

According to...

According to Glamour, the average woman will buy
469 shoes in her lifetime.

Blue Zara Trafaluc jumpsuit -  Grey bag - Green heels Lela Rose for Payless 
On my side, I think that I am probably close to this number,
something I am not proud of.

What are your thoughts on this ?

Not what you say

Today I had yet another presentation 
for school, this time it involved teaching methods.

Grey skirt and jacket suit Rampage -
White button down Peter Pan collar vintage shirt Saint Tropez West

I arrived really early so I could, get the 
review it, check classroom lights,  get
my support material ready. 

Black heels Vince Camuto
Another girl also arrived early and
we started chatting. Suddenly she says
"Do you have a brush.. or a comb?"
and I look at her and thinking she 
wanted to use my personal grooming instruments,
just answered "I am not sure, I don't think I do".

Black Prada Baroque Sunglasses
She then smiles at me and says
"Its for you. You're always so well put together,
that you cannot do this presentation without 
first fixing your hair".
Purple Coach bag 

I laughed out loud, thanked her and went to the restroom
to put my hair in a pony tail.

It reminded me that it's not what you say, but how you say it ;)