Terrible hair day

All I could think of when I uploaded 
this picture was " Wow, what a terrible hair day".

Leopard print button down shirt Antilia Femme - Brown skirt - Brown flats Franco Sarto

How did I manage to walk out the door that day ?
Yet… it happens.


Jane Droll said...

HAHHA! you are so funny.

i am having a bad hair day. it happens!!!!

by the way, your hair looks lovely. so there!

Mica T said...

Love this outfit!

Sometimes I swear my hair just looks terrible on camera, it doesn't look that bad when I look in the mirror at the start of the day...but I see the photos and cringe!

Away From The Blue

Kim Alston said...

I think there is a secret hair fairy that messes ones hair up after fixing it! Lol

LyddieGal said...

Yeah, I have a lot of those. And then I wondered why I even bothered to take outfit photos, or leave the house!
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