In February I bought…

I did well for my February purchases.

Since November last year I had been hunting
down this pair of soutache earrings. They are hand made
in Venezuela and had sold out.
SO I drove the shop owner a little bezerk
and they called me as soon as the only
12 pieces they imported came in
and I was able to pick these:

Bought them for 12.00 USD

Also picked up a pair of zebra print heels at Bershka.
They were on sale and I had a gift card, so I ended up
paying just 4.28 USD.

Finally, an on line purchase.

 Via e-bay a vintage tan Carolina Herrera bag for the sum 
of 30.00 USD - I have not decided if I am keeping this bag

So for February my total is 46.28 USD.

February closet editions

Here are my closet editions for the month of February.

Started with my black Kenneth Cole Reaction wedges.
I have worn these to death.
I looked down the other day and I was wearing them and just
thought to myself "these shoes are in bad shape".
So I tossed them in the bag.

Black wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction 
My purple Jennifer brand cardigan also left.
Worn about 9 times in the blog, it either shrunk or it
just does not fit me, because I cannot get the buttons closed
without looking like an unhappy sausage.

That's it, 2 pieces.
As you see I have not been into closet editing that much.

How are your closet edits coming along ?


I tried a new fruit recently.
It's called soursop and it's the
exact same colour as my top.

Green blouse LuckyCom - Black jean trousers CATO -
Me Too red shoes - Leopard print belt 
Funny thing I had not tried it before.
It has an odd smell but the fruit is delicious.

The best part is that now it grows in my backyard.

Pinstripes + Embroidery

Another inspired by look from the pages
of October 2013 Instyle magazine.

Pinstripe trousers and vest - Green peep toe shoes Lela Rose for Payless
This time it was pinstripes and embroidery paired together.
Since I did not have embroidery I went for flowers.

Emerald vintage ring 
I liked the results and the fact that I gave this pin stripe duo another chance.

Faux bob

I have thought about cutting my hair.

Image via In Style magazine October 2013 issue.

Like most people, I always think 
"but, what if I don't like it ?
It will take forever to grow back"

So when I came across the issue of October 2013 In Style featuring a bob, 
I tried it.

ABS tan dress - Mootsie Tootsies animal print flats 
The results convinced me of two things:
1. I cannot do a bob, I am clumsy with hair pins.
2. I will keep my hair long for now.

Black jacket Nine West - Black suede shoes Moleca
We have to be able to accept that some things work for us,
other don't.


My printed trousers make another appearance.

Printed trousers MNG Mango - Yellow neon top Fiory - Blue suede flats Zara
The truth is I wanted to try them with this new top
I received as a present from my good friend Ana Maria.

I still think they have a pj feel, but I don't care.


I am juggling so many things
at the same time that I am afraid
I will drop one.

GAP jeans - Striped tank top Express - White cardigan H&M - Bluede suede flats Zara

I guess the wise thing to do if focus on 
what is really important.


I am a wimp when it comes to mixing patterns
but, I also love a good challenge.

So when I came across the stripes+stripes feature in 
In Style's October 2013 issue, I knew I had to at least try.

Striped dress H&M - Striped cardigan - Red flats Michael Kors 
I don't think I have ever been so happy about the
mix pattern outcome!

I felt so comfortable wearing this and kind of 
expected a comment on the double stripes.
But.. nobody said anything.

Gold rope necklace self made
My only mishap with this outfit was that I had to tug on 
my dress all day because it felt a little short.
I like to think it shrunk when I washed it, but we all know it 
could just be the ice creams making their statement.

Pastel zebra

The idea of bringing together a zebra print item
and a pastel tone came from the pages of 
In Style´s October 2013 issue.

Pink button down shirt H&M - Pink jeans Papaya - Grey tank top - Zebra heels Bershka

I picked up these shoes recently at Bershka thanks to a gift card I received.

I had not worn them yet and seeing this on the magazine sparked the idea.

Sometimes the smallest things, spark ideas.

In this case, the idea of an outfit.

Reality Check

Yet another inspired by look,
courtesy of In Style's October 2013 issue.

I saw these plaid options and automatically thought of my plaid
dress from Kensie that I have not worn in at least a year.

Kensie girl dress - Blue wedges BGBG
Paired it with vintage accessories as the gold necklace
and my Invicta watch.

For some reason this dress has a vintage like feel I really like.

After I put together my outfit and took normal blogable pictures, I started being my own crazy self and decided to post those too :)

The Earcuff

I bought an earcuff last year.
As it sometimes happens, I had forgotten about its existence.

Then I came across an October 2013 In Style issue where earcuffs 
were featured and decided to take by bold accessory to a wedding.

It was a summer night outdoors wedding.

MNG Mango black one shoulder dress - vintage bag

Put my hair up to avoid it being blown 
and tangled by the wind.

I hoped for someone to say something or just look oddly at my cuff.

It never happened :(


I have wanted to wear this skirt since the moment
I bought it.

Merona skirt - Forever 21 white button down shirt - Fergalicious pumps
But, first I had to get it tailored about 4 sizes down and
then it sat around waiting for an event where I could wear it to.

The event finally came up, when we were invited to my cousin's son
(my nephew right?) baptism breakfast.

I cannot tell you how many comments I got on it.
The one I liked the most was "you look like royalty".

How's that to bring a self steem up ?

All eyes on you

When I came across this page in October¡s 2013 In Style issue
I automatically remembered a gift I had received a while back.

A friend brought back for me from Israel this red bracelet with a little 
"evil eye" charm - which now seems to be trending - well at least it
was in October 2013.

Red dress Via Vai - Gold flats Nine West

I thought I would wear it today.

Front yard

This is my front yard.
I have not taken many outfit post pictures here,
so here's one for a change.

The grass is really dry as we're in the middle of summer 
here and also because we do not have a gardener.

We become the gardeners on weekends.
Rake the leaves, weed the planted areas, carry logs around,
collect seeds, pick cilantro, tarragon and hope that the cricket left some
spinach for me, oh and harvest any fruits in season…

Millibon USA horse print jumper - Emilie M. mint bag - Lavender by Vera Wang black flats

One thing I always do is check up on my pink flower oak.
It's the one on the right on the above picture.

I planted it here about a year ago and it has grown almost twice my height !

The Artichoke

Here I am thinking what to wear the next day to work.

I begin flipping the pages of the October 2013 issue of InStyle magazine
and came across one of their "Color Crash Courses" for Paprika, 
or in my language: orange.

Sculpture orange trousers - Green blouse LuckyCom - Green leather belt - Baci brown shoes
I remembered I had deep green colour top or in the 
fashion language "Artichoke" and liked the wild card pairing.

So here artichoke meets paprika.


I have a Pinterest board dedicated to nail art.

Image via
Mostly things I have seen here and there
that I would like to try someday, like the above
that I like to call the "gum ball nail art".

So, I went to the salon and showed the manicurist the picture and
asked just to do it on one nail.

You know, keeping it simple because I have to go to work 
and not to a nail art show ;)

Dress like..

I read a quote the other day.

Wild girl printed trousers - White top Forever 21 - Black flats Jessica Simpson 
It was something like:

"Dress like you are meeting your worst enemy today".

I chuckled.

Mint bag Emilie M.
Because whenever I look my worst is 
that I run into my frienemies.