Faux bob

I have thought about cutting my hair.

Image via In Style magazine October 2013 issue.

Like most people, I always think 
"but, what if I don't like it ?
It will take forever to grow back"

So when I came across the issue of October 2013 In Style featuring a bob, 
I tried it.

ABS tan dress - Mootsie Tootsies animal print flats 
The results convinced me of two things:
1. I cannot do a bob, I am clumsy with hair pins.
2. I will keep my hair long for now.

Black jacket Nine West - Black suede shoes Moleca
We have to be able to accept that some things work for us,
other don't.


Sheila said...

I love that you experiment with these looks - you never know! I like the look of shorter hair on you, but if it doesn't work for you, give it a pass.

Londyn said...

I love your long hair, but I actually think you'd look amazing with a bob!! It can always grow back :)


Mica T said...

The faux bob is fun to try shorter hair! I think it looked nice on you :)

Such a lovely simple outfit too, looks beautiful! :)

Away From Blue

Jane Droll said...


i tend to find pictures of GORGEOUS models with LOVELY HAIR, and i want my hairdresser to make me look like them. IMPOSSIBLE! lol i look best with bangs. i have tried growing them out many times, and it never ever looks good.

Porcelina said...

I find it easier to do a faux bob if you curl the hair first - it has far greater staying power!!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I actually like it on you. Please, can you E-Mail me step-by-step how to do this? I love a bob on me but I also love my long hair. Bobs are harder to maintain I feel. Your dress is great. I love the shirt-dress feel.