The Earcuff

I bought an earcuff last year.
As it sometimes happens, I had forgotten about its existence.

Then I came across an October 2013 In Style issue where earcuffs 
were featured and decided to take by bold accessory to a wedding.

It was a summer night outdoors wedding.

MNG Mango black one shoulder dress - vintage bag

Put my hair up to avoid it being blown 
and tangled by the wind.

I hoped for someone to say something or just look oddly at my cuff.

It never happened :(


Kim Alston said...

You looked absolutely spectacular. HaHa It blended in too well.

Anne said...

You look your dress:)

Sheila said...

I love your Warhol-esque photos. You look gorgeous, Lorena. I think those cuffs are so fun! I would love one of those.

Mica T said...

Your dress is stunning, and the hairstyle perfect to show off your earcuff! What a shame no-one noticed it :(

Away From Blue

ana said...

Me encanta tu vestido!!!!