April Purchases

As you may or may not have noted, 
during March I did not buy anything.

This month most of my purchases were done on line...

Forever 21 flower top for 13.80 USD

Forever 21 Essentials red top for 15.80 USD

Jones New York Signature blue trousers on sale for 7.99 USD

Two bracelets: 
One from Forever 21 that reads "Love" for 3.80 USD 
and a Cleu bracelet from ebay for 18.00 USD.

Animal print belt Vince Camuto on sale 18.99 USD

My April total is 83.86 USD,
which I think is acceptable...

April editions

Sometimes editing comes easy.

I did not think about it twice when I decided to let this white skirt by Beiza go.

Same for this Charlotte Russe tube top.

Love By Design black top, it was a gift and looks nice when worn
however I have to pull the sleeves up all the time to keep my bra strap
from showing and when layered I also have to tug on it, so away it goes.

I wore this My Michelle dress a few weeks ago, it is a hand me down.
I got quite a few comments on it as it reminded most of the dress
worn by Julia Roberts is Pretty Woman.
I love the dress, but it's not my size, I had to belt it in 
order to make it look right.
There is a tear in the fabric that someone skilled 
could mend, but that person is not me.

Also let go of a brand new Jones New York Dress, it had been in my closet for about 4 years new with tags - the length was odd, so I decided to pass it on.

Also with tags on a colorful Apostrophe skirt, never worn.
I always wanted to have it tailored but I never did - it's been in the closet for
over 5 years, so it also went in the bag.

In the shoe department my Soho Lab Skechers sneakers left.
I am actually surprised they lived in my closet for that long.
While I had intended to focus on shoes this month, it was not possible.
I have about 6 pairs under the radar right now, that could be sent to the 
give away bag any time soon, but for now it's just 7 items for April.

46 items YTD.

Fast Forward to Tuesday

Decided to skip posting my Sunday and Monday outfits.

Black BCX high waisted trousers - Me Too burgundy loafers

Mostly because I was in the countryside.

Emporium black and white shirt - Roberto Cavalli black bag

Surrounded by chickens, birds, bats, ants and dogs.
Mango trees, flowers and bugs.

Vintage Invicta watch and ring
And without water (no shower), so you can picture the picture -
which is why I skipped the posts.

Went to the Beach

I live very close to the ocean.
Have been going to the beach for as long as I can remember.
Nowadays, I usually go about twice a year and when I say "go"
I mean I get to the beach, walk on the sand
but I don't actually get in the water.
Which is what I did this Saturday, just went to the beach.

Blue and white striped dress Sweet Lady - Grendha white flip flops - Panama hat
I guess it's what happens when you can go anytime you want, 
you just never go.


It took a glance in the mirror to confirm that
a polo shirt, jeans and black tassel loafers looked manly.

Talbot jeans - Tommy Hilfiger black polo shirt -
Nine West black tassels loafer - Roberto Cavalli black bag
However due to lack of time and a lot of
I-really-don't-care I walked out the house like this.

The jeans will not be seen again.

I am quite unhappy with my manly look.

Conference call

Due to a special project in my markets I
have been on conference calls every other week.

Polo Ralph Lauren white jeans - Da Moda animal print top -
Roberto Cavalli black bag - BCBG black wedges - Prada Baroque sunglasses
These are usually in the mornings and take up at least an hour.

I am always at my desk before the conference begins,
so I am never late (hate late).

I have all the documents I need with me in case
anything needs to be double checked.

Paper and pen for taking notes...

However, sometimes it is difficult to concentrate due to
the construction of the subway nearby, there is a detour and
now the street my work place is at has become a crazy
crowded avenue.

So, as I sit there taking notes, ambulances with their sirens turned on rush by,
a dozen harley motorcycles pass and two taxis crash into each other
and one driver shouts and the other threatens him with a crow bar.
Yes, all of this is happening while I'm at the conference call. 

Third try

Last year during a sale I came across several skirts
I fell in love with, which were all at least 2 sizes bigger than 
what I normally wear.
I bought them anyways.

Anne Klein skirt - Black top DNA - Daniblack shoes - Black patent vintage bag

One of them was this Anne Klein skirt.
The fabric is thick, the skirt is well constructed and it has pockets...

The first time around (left) I wore it and it looked big and frumpy.
The second time around I held it up with a belt, but I was tucking and 
pulling on it all day long.

One trip to the tailor and my skirt now fits well.
Sometimes you have to try several times before you get things
right, in this case, sometimes you just have to take things to the tailor
immediately ....

Second time

As you know there's only one opportunity to 
make a first good impression.

Intrigue dress - Zara green cardigan - Marc Fisher flats - Kenneth Cole Reaction purple bag
But, do you ever wish you had the a second chance to 
meet someone again for the first time ?

I know I do.

Where is the iron ?

I finally received my order from Forever 21 and
wanted to wear the top I got immediately -
but it needed ironing.

Flower top Forever 21 - Pink jeans Papaya - Innovativi wedges

I looked for the iron all over the place and
found two irons, but none of them worked.

Green cardigan Zara - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction

However since my mind was made up on wearing the top,
I chose to wear it anyways and covered the wrinkled back with
a military green cardigan.

Yeah, I got way with it.

How do you get away with wearing wrinkled clothes ?

Crepe Night

There's a crepes place one street down from where I live.
We had not been there in a while and the thought of a 
good crepe and amazing ice cream afterwards seemed appealing.

Striped dress Cherish - Silver flats Zara - Kenneth Cole Reaction black bag
I use food to reward myself and even though I know that
it's not a healthy habit, well I was fully rewarded ;)

Grab and Go

Another grab and go sample outfit.

Black jeans DKNY - Red flats Franco Sarto - Kenneth Cole Reaction black bag - Grey top Go International by Target

Worked perfectly for taking paper to the recycling bins, 
picking up shoes at the cobbler, going shopping, 
stopping to buy fresh mangoes and avocados, 
picking up my Forever 21 goodies (finally in!), 
taking a friend and grandma to lunch, 
picking up the dogs from grooming 
and then some...

Mission accomplished.

Minimum effort

Somedays I just make an effort, 
a minimum effort to get dressed.

DKNY black jeans - Kenneth Cole top -
Kenneth Cole Reaction Bag - Michael Kors black flats.
Something simple, no magical outfit, 
no amazing combination - as I said minimum effort.
It works for me.

Now, I have come a long way - years ago when I worked at
an advertising agency I became so minimal in my effort
that I would wear the same eyeliner 2 days in a row.

Yes, this means that I would not wash my eyes properly 
so I would not have to do my eyeliner in the morning...
Now that it no effort.
Up until this day I wonder how I did that ...
No further comment.

Copy Cat

confess I´ve bought things just because I have seen them 
on another blogger ...
Forever 21 blue trousers - Red tank top - BCBG Generation blue wedges - Black bag Kenneth Cole Reaction 
This is the case of this I Heart Ronson peacock feather top.
I recall being at JC Penney's and coming across the blouse, 
it seemed familiar ... when I suddenly remembered that 
Kasmira from What I Wore today had a dress with this same print !

Tous Girl Pendant

That, right there, was the best reason or best excuse to purchase it.

ioBlue butterfly ring

The funny thing is, Kasmira stalked the dress after she saw it in a magazine !

Image via 

Looks like there is a whole heard of hunters out there...