Drove to New York

We drove all the way from Virginia to New York state.

The first time I came to New York I was about sixteen.
I remember entering the driveway to my aunt`s house and
thinking it was a museum.

It's been about twenty years since that first time and I have come back
about ten times since.

Sometimes I have been here because I have to.
Other times  I have made up
 excuses to come here, I feel drawn to it. 

I always get a little nostalgic as I cross the George Washington bridge.

However this time I am in New York state for my little brother's wedding.

Saltworks jeans  - black tank Volar - Cardigan and neck fur like Worthington - Aerosoles black wedges

Just the perfect excuse to be back.

August Purchases

Here's what I picked up in August...

A pink wire bracelet on sale for 13.00 USD.

A pair of foldable flats from GAP on sale for 21.13 USD a silver chain 
and earring set for 3.20 USD.

Also on sale a white lace dress from Zara. 
It was marked down from 99.95 USD to 19.99 USD.

Light turquoise and bright orange top Septima for 6.99 USD

A simple blue jean cotton dress from Color Connection 
for 16.99 USD

Two stretch belts an orange one and a fuchsia one, for 0.99 USD each.

Also for 8.99 USD Spanx by Sara Blakely

Before I tell you how much I have spent in August,
I'd like to know if you keep track of what you buy....
Do you ?

Ps. I spent 96.14 USD

August edits

More items left my closet this month.
Started out with three paris of shoes:
My fabric wedges Zoe and Zac from Payless which were in bad shape
and my black and white Bandolino shoes, which
did not get much wear.

My third pair were silver flats from Pierre Dumas.
Worn only 8 times and purchased in October 2011 for 12.99 USD.
This purchase was a failure. 
Shoes did not even last a year!
The cost per wear did not even make it to one dollar per wear and 
the shoes began to fall apart. 

Also a few tops left.
One of them was my Forever 21 blue top.
I remember buying it in San Francisco at least 5 years ago.
It was beginning to fade, so off it goes.

My white Jh collection top also left.
I never wear it and when I do, it's not easy, I usually
have to work it - so off it goes.

Another white button down, this one from Da Moda -
I really never wear it, plus the area in then neck was
beginning to yellow - so off it goes.

My Tapemeasure black lace top.
It's faded and has only been worn 4 times in 3 years.

Also faded is my 4 teen black top.
I cannot tell you how much I use to love this shirt.
However in that last 3 years it has only been worn twice.

My black Zara wrap jacket gets very little wear, 
it looks good but does not feel right... 

Also my grey Merona top, gets no wear.
I do not see a valid reason to keep it.

A turquoise scarf that has been around for at least 8 years
is also leaving, corners have begun to fringe.

I also let a swim suit go.
I wore it to go swimming one night only to realize that
the elastic had stretched out and that it could cause some serious
wardrobe malfunction, so off it goes.

With all the above listed.. I have let go of 
92 items year to date... 

At mom's

I traveled all day yesterday to get to mom's house in Virginia.

Jeans Dress Gentle Fawn - Nine West gold flats - Tommy Hilfiger green tote bag 

I am here for a few days before we head out to New York.

The weather is spectacular and signs are beginning to show
that summer is almost over...

So I guess I arrived just in time....

Just in time for summer sales !


Many years ago I worked as an area manager for the Caribbean.
In my product portfolio there cosmetics and fragrances.

The last product I launched in the area was Roberto Cavalli's Serpentine.
I personally loved the product. 
The presentation was impeccable, the glasswork on the bottle was a 
serpent, the fragrance was long lasting and luxurious.
The notes had mango blossom, sandalwood, black pepper... all of which I love.
Even though I no longer have anything to do with the brand and I know there is a new perfume out by Cavalli, Serpentine is special and it is the fragrance I am wearing now - it makes me feel confident and certainly 
brings back good memories...

On your marks...

On your marks...
get set....

7 For All Mankind jeans - Divided by H&M star top - Anne Klein black vest -  Black flats Vera Wang Lavender  -
 Emilie M. mint bag 

Gooooooing to my brother's wedding and on vacation for a few days :) 

Last minute meeting

I'm a planner.
I plead guilty.
I think things work out better when you plan ahead.

Escada vintage blouse - Black Charter Club trousers - Take Out fuchsia sweater -
Moleca black suede shoes - Mint bag Emilie M. - Tous silver jewelry

So you can imagine that I was not very pleased when at 10:15 am
I received a call from the mayor's office for a meeting at 3:00 pm today.

I had not dressed accordingly and I had to summon at least 3
more people to attend to this meeting.

Four of us showed up, not bad for a last minute meeting.


When I was little I lived most of my life in apartments.
Sure, the apartments had open areas but not much green.

White skirt Isaac Mizrahi for Target - Campus pink Barcelona t shirt - Pierre Dumas silver flats
As I have gotten older, I appreciate nature more and certainly am 
more aware of green open spaces.
Sure, I live near a park and yes I have a whole bunch of plants in
my tiny balcony... but lately I have been wanting a backyard.
Maybe, just maybe I've found it.

El Carmen

Sunday morning I went out for breakfast to a new hotel
which happens to be right in front of El Carmen Church.

Lucca red kimono robe top - White skirt Isaac Mizrahi for Target - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Black envelope bag Nine West

This church was built in the 50's, it is an icon and a tourist attraction.

In my case, I see it and hear its bells everyday
I grew up a block away from it and live 4 blocks away.
My grandparents took me to mass there when I was little and 
I remember falling asleep on the wooden benches.
I was baptized there and my second name is that of the church.

Isabella & Mateo´s birthday

A children's birthday party.

7 For All Mankind jeans - Forever 21 T shirt - Anne Klein black vest -
Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Mint bag Emilie M.
On Saturday afternoon.

It had been a while since I had any junk food, 
so the day did not end well :(

Those tacky tshirts

When I was in high school I loved t shirts with messages on them.

7 For all mankind jeans - Pink tshirt Campus - Pierre Dumas silver flats - Mint bag Emilie M.

Now I think most of them are tacky.

Specially those "souvenier ones" that have
the name of a vacation spot.

A good example is the one I am wearing which translates into:
"Sometimes an angel,
Sometimes a demon,
but always me"

I bought this shirt for me in a vacation in Barcelona a few years back....
and I know I make no sense!

Grey and pink

When I was in high school I loved wearing grey and pink.

Grey top Merona - mint belt H&M - White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren -
So, it was very natural for me to put these two together.

Snake print shoes Jessica Simpson - Mint bag Emilie M. - Pink cardigan Estefania
A grey top I never wear with a pink cardigan I no longer wear that much.
Lately I have been wearing those things that do not get worn very often in an effort to incorporate them into my everyday wear.
By the end of the day - so far- all of them go to donation.
Which is making me wonder if my style has changed or if
these were all impulse purchases...


I'd been looking forward to this concert for a while now.
He is a Guatemalan singer named Ricardo Arjona, 
 I have seen him perform at least 6 times. 

Salt works jeans - 4Teen black top - Aerosoles black wedges - Michael Kors mini bag - Forever 21 owl ring
I know six times is a lot, when I am a fan I am a loyal one....

and a crazy one too :)

Who's your favorite singer ?


I was just checking my work schedule and realized that I 
have to be in at least 7 different countries before the year ends.

Insight Trousers - Black lace top Tapemeasure - Moleca black suede shoes - Mint bag Emile M.

Seems like the year has flown by - and I am a little concerned that
all of the trips will have to be done very close to each other - which means
I have to be away a lot.

I have made a list, possible dates of where I have to visit, possibly
taking 2 countries at the time.

But that will be for when I come back from my brief vacation.
I'm taking a few days off to go to my brother's wedding, which 
should be fun - it's also a good way to recharge my batteries
 for what's to follow..