Grey and pink

When I was in high school I loved wearing grey and pink.

Grey top Merona - mint belt H&M - White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren -
So, it was very natural for me to put these two together.

Snake print shoes Jessica Simpson - Mint bag Emilie M. - Pink cardigan Estefania
A grey top I never wear with a pink cardigan I no longer wear that much.
Lately I have been wearing those things that do not get worn very often in an effort to incorporate them into my everyday wear.
By the end of the day - so far- all of them go to donation.
Which is making me wonder if my style has changed or if
these were all impulse purchases...


Shybiker said...

What an unexpected color-combination. I'd never think of joining these two, but they work toegher.

Often our style evolves without our conscious awareness. Perhaps that's happening to you, if you find past purchases not fitting into your present desire.

I have a confession. Often, I come here and visit your blog not because of fashion but because it makes me feel good. Seeing your friendly face warms my heart.

ana said...

A mi también me encanta esta combinacion!

Lisa said...

I love this color combination! This might be a favorite.

Anonymous said...

This look is gorgeous--I like the subtle colors and I want to rescue all the pieces from your donations pile!

Mica said...

Really like the grey and pink together!

I sometimes try on things I don't wear often and end up donating them too - I always try to give something "one last wear" and if it doesn't speak to me at the time I'll get rid of it. I remember realising I hadn't worn my favourite top in a while - put it on and wondered why I ever liked it! I lived in it one summer but just wasn't loving it the next. I think our tastes change over time.

Mar said...

Hola Lore!!! como va el verano??? ya veo que sigues igual de guapa.
He cerrado mi blog pero estaré por aquí:
Pásate si te apetece. Besitos!

MM said...

Wow!!! You look awesome, Lorena!!! This is one of my favorite outfits!!!The nail polish is gorgeous!!


StyleIDnet said...

Amazing outfit.
Simple, cute and chic <3.
* Filomenas Closet *

drollgirl said...

you look beautiful! love this combo with and without the pink! it works so well either way!

Elegance Personified said...

You always look great in pastels. It's your beautiful black hair and nice features that brings out even more, the lighter colors. Please DO NOT get rid of that top and cardigan, they are really pretty and fit you great. Plus they match those gorgeous pumps, perfectly. If you ever get rid of them, I would love to have them, I am serious. I would gladly pay for shipping. Love your necklace and cocktail ring, too. I love how you change your jewelry daily, including your rings.

Stop by my page when you have a chance. I do miss your pretty face, around there. =)