Things I bought in June

I behaved in May and did not buy anything however
June was not the same.

I fell for this scarf print top. The colors are amazing. 
Feline USA brand, 16.99 USD.

Another Feline top, for 16.99 USD -
 I loved is this equestrian one with sailor like colors.
How the bow ties up front was the final reason I need to buy it.

Flower print MNG trousers from a sale in MANGO store, 
for 23.00 USD they had to come home with me.

Faith turquoise bead bracelet, for 4.95 USD.

My June total was: 66.26 USD.

Sixty six dollars seems reasonable.

Now, honestly speaking - I did not need any of the above.
I have enough tops and enough trousers and bracelets to take
me to the next century :(

June editing

I continue editing.
Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.

Vintage Anne Klein scarf was torn.

Happy Bunny t shirt was stained.

Old Navy flower top was almost never worn.

Newport News yellow tank top had two stains and 
fuchsia Charlotte Russe top looked old.

Then there was my lace fuchsia top Top Model.
I never ever wear it. When I have worn it, I do not feel comfortable
in it - and it shows - so I am letting it go.

Green Polo top - almost never worn and it's a bit tight.
Also too low so I usually wear it backwards.

Black Limited Edition skirt from Target.
I loved this skirt, but the black has faded and I am bad at dyeing so, off it goes.

Houndstooth capri. Worn about 3 or 4 times in the last 3 years.
They are one of the very last capris in my closet. 
Not flattering in length and they are very low cut.

No brand butterfly flip flops do not get that much wear 
and scuffed and dirty although they've been washed.

Grey Qupid wedges are scuffed on the front and heel.
I bought these shoes on sale for 12.99 USD plus tax in March 2011.
They were worn about 17 times, which make cost per
wear about 0.75 cents each time which is not bad,
but I aim for more.
I think shoes should last more than a year, specially
if they have not been worn that much.

Black Chinese Laundry shoes were hand me downs from my mom.

Red Fiorenti shoes. Had not worn them in years.
They are a bit big and also boxy.
Totally not worth keeping, specially since I have limites
space for shoes.

That's 67 items this year.

How are your closet edits coming along ?

Updated to add:
To the anonymous commenter who asked what I do with these clothes,
well I usually give them to a friend who takes them to a community 
that is about a 5 hour drive away from the city where they are given away.

Bright saturday

Saturday errands.
I can never finish them all.

Levis jeans - Apostrophe fuchsia tank top - Black bag Michael Kors

While I was actually able to sneak in some "me" time -
I just wish Saturdays had enough hours so I could
finish my "to do" list..

Printed trousers

I felt very pajama like when I wore these trousers the
other night to a fancy restaurant.

MNG Mango printed trousers - Adiva Green top - Fergalicious beige pumps -
purple bag  Kenneth Cole Reaction
However, now that I see them on this lousy picture
I like them more and cannot wait to wear them again.

Not inspired

You can tell I have not had much inspiration lately
when you look back at what I wore this week only
to realize that I have been wearing the same pair of jeans over and over.

Levis jeans - Tommy Hilfiger black polo shirt - Anne Klein animal print flats
Michael Kors black bag - Tous accessories 

One pair of jeans worn 3 times in one week = not inspired.


Imagine you wake up at 6:00 am,
bathe, get dressed and are at the salon before 7:00 am
to get your hair and nails done.

Michael Kors black and white top - Black high waisted BCX trousers - Me Too red heels  - Michael Kors black bag
You get to the office at 8:00 am and begin to prepare for a training.
All the material to be handed out, the games that are to be played, 
the prizes to be awarded - all is ready and packed.

At 9:05 am you are on your way to the other side of the country to 
conduct a training and afterwards have a quick bite before running
out the door again to go back to the office.
That was pretty much my day today.
I think I have the right to be tired, right ??

Lazy look

It's one of those weeks when
I am just so beat up and tired that I don't even want 
to get dressed to go to work... and it shows.

Levis jeans - Polo Ralph Lauren green top - H&M beige cardigan - Anne Klein animal print flats -  Sunglasses necklace Forever 21

I'll call this the lazy look.


As I took these pictures this morning, there was thunder and lightning.

H&M houndstooth top - Forever 21 black cardigan - White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender

This is the third storm we've had in a week.
I think summer is officially over.


Today I decided to wear a pair of red burgundy shoes I've had for over 8 years.
I bought them in a trip to Colombia and never, ever wear them.

Levis Jeans - White button down shirt Decoded - Zara black vest sweater - Burgundy shoes Fiorenzi - Forever 21 glasses necklace 

In fact, they have never been worn on this blog.
Which means the last time I wore them, was over 3 years ago.
Wearing them again has reminded me why I don't wear them.
They are a bit big and I feel like I am wearing a box on each foot.
So, this is the first and last time you'll be seeing them as I am passing them on.
Do you have shoes you don't ever wear ?

Melanie`s wedding

Saturday was my cousin Melanie's wedding.

It was spectacular...

Colors were red, white and black.

Mango MNG black one shoulder dress - Silver heels Payless - Vintage clutch

I wanted to wear my red halter dress, but it was too tight :(
This black dress was my second choice.

Most important...
 is the bride and groom looked so happy !

Early bird

It's that day when you get up sooo early
because you have a million things to do.

Houndstooth trousers Have - Black t shirt Daisy Fuentes - Mint bag Emilie M. - Flip flops Nine West

And magically... you get them done !

Odd coincidence

I always laugh a little when I think of where I work today.

Da Moda trousers - Mint tank top Grane - Kenneth Cole New York cream top - Qupid rust wedges - Mint bag Emile M.
It's all about the location.
Where I work happens to be the place my school bus picked me up at
every single day when I was in high school.
It was my bus stop.

Which also happens to be the place I took my pictures today.

A totally odd coincidence.

Difficult garment

We all have clothes we do not wear that much.
There could be many reasons.
We don't know how to style it, it's too big, it shrunk, 
the color does not go with anything or needs special underwear.... 
you name it, I am sure you have at least ONE of those in your closet.

Blue skirt no brand - Lu by Lolita striped top - Yummy Tummy grey tank top - Zara blue suede shoes - Emilie M. mint bag 
I know I do. 
These are the items that do not get a lot of wear.
The ones I pull out and try on with different accessories - but then go back 
in the closet unworn.
This top is an example, it was a gift.
Boatneck too low, top is too long - but I love the stripes.
I am always forced to layer it which is not convenient for 
the weather I live in - here there is no winter, it's always hot.

So, yes, this is me once again trying to make that difficult garment work.
But, now that I have realized how difficult it is for me to style it, 
I have made the decision to let it go.
Clothes should be easy. 

Clothes should work for me, I should not be making them work ;)

Four shots

Running out the door. I am late for work.
I stop to program the Nokia phone I take my pictures with.
I set it to one shot every 10 seconds.
First, one full shot of me, then aim at my neck for the apple pendant close up, 
then shoot down at the shoes and finally at the bracelet.
Black top Love By Design - Houndstooth capris HAVE - Franco Sarto Red shoes - Black Roberto Cavalli bag - Swarovski accessories
There you have it. That's it. Four shots.


 Years ago I had a job that was almost an hour and thirty minutes 
away from where I lived.
One hour and thirty minutes, without traffic, that is.

Black trousers Liz Claiborne - Grey top Express - Black cardigan Forever 21 - Red burgundy pumps Me Too -
 Black Roberto Cavalli bag - Swarovski accessories

Luckily I did not have to drive there as I had a car and chauffeur provided by the company.
Another perk was that I was off on Fridays :)
I worked at this office for over 3 years, until the headquarters moved to the city.

Back in the day I would get up at 5 something in the morning and even though
I consider myself a morning person, it was awful.

Today I work at another company and live three streets away from when I work.
I complain about the traffic, when I can actually walk to work.
Now, I wonder if I would ever be willing to spend so much time in a car to go to and from work again.

How about you ?
What's your commute time ?

Things I know

There are things I know but, that sometimes I need to be reminded of.

Black skirt Target Limited edition - Leopard print top Da Moda - Black shoes Chinese Laundry - Black bag Roberto Cavalli

One of them is that items that are have lost their original color must go.

Like this black skirt. It's one of my favorites but it is faded.
These pictures reminded me that faded does not look good.
I can always dye it but due to past experience in the area, I'll skip that 
step and send the skirt directly to the give away bag.