Years ago I had a job that was almost an hour and thirty minutes 
away from where I lived.
One hour and thirty minutes, without traffic, that is.

Black trousers Liz Claiborne - Grey top Express - Black cardigan Forever 21 - Red burgundy pumps Me Too -
 Black Roberto Cavalli bag - Swarovski accessories

Luckily I did not have to drive there as I had a car and chauffeur provided by the company.
Another perk was that I was off on Fridays :)
I worked at this office for over 3 years, until the headquarters moved to the city.

Back in the day I would get up at 5 something in the morning and even though
I consider myself a morning person, it was awful.

Today I work at another company and live three streets away from when I work.
I complain about the traffic, when I can actually walk to work.
Now, I wonder if I would ever be willing to spend so much time in a car to go to and from work again.

How about you ?
What's your commute time ?


Elegance Personified said...

Your Swarovksi accessories are beautiful. I love cherries. I was gifted last year a similar red cherry Swarovski necklace though I am sure it is still in the States in my bedroom over my parents. Also those Platform Loafers are gorgeous. I want them. Last but not least beautiful Teal nails splattered with sparkle.

You know my commute to work sucks. I first have to walk about 30-35 minutes (or take a bus for 15-20 minutes, it stops to so many places, it's a an inter-city bus). Then I have to take a designated work bus for another 20 minutes. Overall, it takes me an hour to 65 minutes each way, daily. It sucks.

Mimi said...

Man, 3 blocks is AMAZING! In new york, 3 blocks is nothing..I head up town and transfer trains but I only go twice a week. It takes about 30 mins...

Love this look and still love the nails!

Aesthetic Lounge

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the red shoes.
My first job was 60 miles away which took me two and a half hours each way on the train (three changes and a walk each way) - the things I was prepared to do to get into journalism!
I then got a car and a new road was built which took the journey down to a 60 minute drive.
I lasted four months. The commuting nearly killed me.
Now it takes me 20 minutes in the car to work, 30 minutes on the bus, 50 minutes on my bike and 1 hour 20 minutes on the days I run home.
I love having the options.

Mar said...

wowwww nena, que poderio, chofer y todo!!!! Aunque ahora que estas mas cerquita es mejor, no??? Yo como no trabajo..., aunque a veces cuando voy de compras me paso horas en la carretera..., en Barcelona siempre hay mucho trafico, aunque yo con mi kitty car nuevo voy encantada de la vida!
Un besito guapisima.

..EmiLiA..* said...

Me fascinarón las uñas te quedaron divinas y esos zapatos son lo maximo me encantaron. =)

Biba said...

I'm lucky enough to work from home but my husband commutes - it takes him at least an hour and a half to get to work each day.

Love your shoes!

Mica said...

Wow that is such a long commute, I couldn't do that! I'm lucky I live 30 minutes from work, but if there is traffic the trip takes much longer. I hate staying back late at work as the traffic builds up, sometimes it can take over and hour and a half to get home for a 30 minute trip! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

I've had years with a long commute and realized that when I drove to campus everyday that I was basically spending 10 hours a week in traffic. I began to teach more online to save the price of gasoline...and much prefer things that way. It is 55 miles one way to the campus where I teach.

Lisa said...

OH my those them!

joshylola said...

Qué bonitos zapatos!!

Jenava said...

It's between 20 and 30 mins for me. Some days I bike to work. It's about 6 miles. Love the shoes!