Feeling sherbet

I like inspired by looks.
Sculpture orange trousers - Go International by Target grey top -
Yellow Tsubo shoes - Colorful Straw bag Sunny by Magid

They make my life simpler and
also teach me that unexpected colors
can look fabulous together.

In this case, wearing grey and orange.
I would have never been able to do it on my own.

June 2011 Instyle magazine was the "source" 
of inspiration today.

I liked my colorful assembly !
And then it rained :(

Editing my closet in January

I think this year I will be taking my closet edits more seriously.
Meaning I will be "evaluating" more pieces.
Last year's closet edits resulted with about 80 pieces 
(including shoes and bags) leaving my closet.

On January, the first month of here are my edits:

White Energie top
elastic stretched and stained

Carole Little white top
Fabric was a little stiff and I felt it was a bit boxy.

Tommy Hilfiger fuchsia top
I was never totally convinced on this top.
I liked the color and the degrade but the elastic around the shoulders
and on the sleeves did allow for me to feel totally comfortable when wearing it.

These black Speechless trousers are so tight on me.
They are also low cut, which is why I never wear them.
Worn about 5 times in almost 3 years.

White Carven trousers.
They are over 10 years old. 
Worn about 10 times during the last 3 years, wore them last in 
mid January and they still fit but I now feel they 
are a bit see through and the fabric has thinned out a little...

Mossimo jeans, too low cut.
Only worn 4 times in almost 3 years.
I am not really into the torn jean thing.

Black leather Ferragamo wallet.
I have had it for at least 5 years, it is scuffed and my aunt
has been asking me to let her have it, so I will.

Yellow bag Arena Milano
Did not last long... it was purchased in May 2011 for 1.99 USD (on sale!)
worn at least 10 times - so i'm guessing it was about 0.20 cents per wear.
Well now, it's torn and scuffed.

Gold tone necklace.
I never wear it - it just does not make sense to keep it.

Gold toned thread earrings. I think I have nicer earrings, so
I am letting these go.

My Volar dress is also leaving.
Worn 3 times in almost 3 years.
The fabric has some "printing mistakes" as you can see above left and 
I never really "loved it".
I think I bought it because of the price.

My red and white flower print dress from Chadwicks is also leaving.
I recently asked how it looked when I wore it here.
While most of you liked it and I actually got 
compliments on it during the day - well, I felt like the top was 
boxy and like it was way too low cut.
Sure I could have tried the cami but I would still have felt boxy 
and not comfortable in it.

070120129616 by LorenaJan21

Also in the bag is a pair of red Twenty One zipper heels.
Feet hurt, shoes scuffed and I don't wear them that much.
About once or twice a year just doesn't make the cut.

Max & Co. black slip on shoes.
I've had them for over 5 years and I never wear them.
They hurt my feet and were only worn half day ONCE in
almost 3 years.

Purchased in April 2012 were my Exclusive! jeans shoes.
Not comfy. They hurt my feet. The were worn about 5 times :(

Old Navy red Sweetheart jeans size 8.
After wearing these a lot I realized that they were
a little big and bought one size smaller, so I gave away the
larger pair to my cousin who had been looking for the
perfect red pair of jeans.... and these were it.

Also on their way to a new home are my brown Rafaella capri trousers.
I've been getting rid of my capris, pedal pushers 
and whatever you want to call them.
This blog has helped me see that they are not very flattering.

Mickey, Hello Kitty and butterflies were also in the give away bag,
same as my "I get what I want" t shirt, brown Wet Seal tank and 
giraffe print bottoms. 

This time not only did I get rid of things that were in use in my closet.
But also things that were NEW and UNWORN...

For example this blue ruffle cardigan which I bought back in July 2011.
Six months have passed since I bought this and I have not 
even made an attempt to wear it... so I am passing it on.

Same for my brown Bandolino loafers purchased in August.
I bought them for 20.00 USD and did not wear them.
I tried them on with several outfits but never 
walked out the door with them.
So I actually sold them to a coworker for the same 20.00 USD.

Not bad for my first 2012 edit, 25 items !
This is so very liberating !


I stumbled upon this blue and gold button down shirt
a few months back while in a thrift store.

Salt Works jeans - Marc by Marc Jacobs button down shirt -
Urban Expressions bag - Fergalicious beige pumps
I liked it because there is nothing in my closet like it.
It is not something I would wear, which seemed appealing as
it would be "out of my comfort zone".
Another reason I probably bought it is because of the brand:
Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Gold toned and rhinestone buckle belt vintage - made in Italy

This morning I took it out on its debut.
The shirt is itchy because of the gold threading...
I feel it is a little loud but I think it was what I was looking for:
Unexpectedly Lorena.

Just because sometimes I am just too predictable. 

Running into

One of those days where I just threw something on as I had no plans.

Jean Jumper Forever 21 - Tan flats from Barcelona - Straw Bag Sunny by Magid
Went out to get lunch and then to the supermarket.

Little did I know that I would be running into people.
People I would have preferred to be more presentable for, 
well more like ... spectacular for.
Too late for tears.


Vanilla and Marshmallow wanted to go for a walk.
Ralph Lauren shorts - Red Tommy Hilfiger t shirt - Tan flats Palladium

So they dragged me (literally) to the nearest park which is half a block away.

We walked on the the dry grass which shows its summer.

Half an hour later they were beat
and then I had to practically drag them back home.

Two Tags

I've been tagged by 
 dear Nathalie from the blog
with an award:
the great Ariana from Style Montreal Sud-Est
So I thought to combine the two and make a
two for one promotion :)

I have to answer a few questions and 
here are my answers:
What do you think makes you unique ?
Straightforward. No beating around the bush.
Although I make an effort to be "nice" about it.

What is you hidden talent ?
Hmmm ... I don't know !
I do know that I cannot sing.

If you had the choice, 
where would you live ?
Maybe NY.
It all depends.
The things you hate to do:
Do the dishes. Clean.

The worst injustice
I could write an entire blog about these.
Animal abuse.
Fast Fashion or Vintage ?

Vintage. No question.

Red wine or white wine?
What makes it that you will be loosing
your patience?
People being late. Being disrespectful. Being loud.
Favorite male actor and why?
I don't have one and I just realized that !
High heels or low heels?
it all depends where I am going !
Favorite subject in school
Spanish Literature, Art
and World History.
My teachers made all the difference.

And instead of tagging, I'd like for you to
answer at least ONE thing in the comments section :o)

Diego's Dinner

It´s been a long week,
so getting together with
family for dinner and laughs seemed like a perfect
way to end it...
Salt Works Jeans - Green tube top Ralph Lauren -
Kenneth Cole brown sandals

Colorful straw bag Sunny by Magid

Have a good weekend !


I was in the process of putting together a set of 
documents a few weeks back.
They were required documents for enrolling as 
I'm going back to school.

Style & Co. brown jeans - Bluenotes vest - White button down Decoded -  Zapatinho de Luxco beige flats -
Michael Kors black bag - Gold tone cuff Forever 21
Obviously the documents included diplomas, transcripts, grades...
My grades !!

Vintage gold tone book pendant - Vintage scarf 
My grades were a total surprise to me,
I had an A average :)

I had actually forgotten how good I was!