On posting

On this 3rd day of the year 
am having certain issues with posting my 
pictures on the blog.

030120129588 by LorenaJan21
Red and white Chadwicks dress -  Purple Kenneth Cole Reaction bag
Tsubo yellow peep toe pumps

030120129585 by LorenaJan21

Would you be so kind and let me know if you can see them (just 2) ?
and while you are at it:

Would you also let me know if you'd keep this dress ?
As you know I just continue editing the closet.


Dr. Da said...

yes, I can see both pictures! And I was actually going to comment that I really like this dress, so my vote is to keep it.

Sheila said...

I can see both pictures! Very pretty dress - I say keep.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I can see both and yes, I love the dress.

LyddieGal said...

yes, I can see them, and yes the dress is cute.
I like the mixed prints and the summery feel of red and white.

Cool Vanity said...

Nice dress.
Happy New Year. Kisses from Spain.

Alleycat said...

I can see your 2 pics. I like the pattern and the color of the dress. but the fit on top seems to make you a little boxy. Maybe it's just the way the pic's taken?

Anonymous said...

The dress looks super cute in the photos, is there a specific reason why you're considering parting with it?

Melanie said...

Love, love, love the dress! It's uber cute, and very flattering!

Kathya Stryzak said...

Loreeeee...feliz 2012!! y vos siempre con un accesorio amarillo!! besos divina


drollgirl said...

i see both pictures!

i LOVE the dress! it is a very flattering cut, and one i love to wear when the weather is warm. i would TOTALLY keep that dress! if i was your size i would ask you to send it to me if you didn't want it! lol

happy new year to ya! :)

Shybiker said...

The dress is attractive but I agree with an earlier commenter that its top looks boxy. That could be fixed by styling it with a cardi, etc. or you can replace it with a dress that has better design.

Démo Forever said...

Qué guapa!
Me pregunto dónde vives que vistes así de veraniega?
Un saludo

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is my first EVER response to a blog and I read yours (and many others) everyday. My reason for responding (and my hands just jumped up to the keyboard, involuntarily) was to say that I think you look absolutely gorgeous in this dress. Then I read down and saw that you are not sure about it. May I say that (in my opinion) you would be crazy to part with it, it looks amazing on you.

There, I just made my first comment :-). While I'm here, I think you're gorgeous and love your honesty.


Me apetece lo de hacer una semana de pata de gallo, bueno, no se si tengo tantas prendas, jajaja, cuando quieres hacerla?? de lunes a viernes??


Katha Strophe // kathastrophal.de said...

I really love that dress on you, you should keep it!
I just discovered your blog and I'm sure I'll be back :]

Unknown said...

Wow, those shoes are awesome. The dress is great but, I LOVE the accessories in this outfit!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You haVe such pretty dresses, Lorena. This is another real cute & feminine frock. I love the sunshine yellow pumps too. I am also jealous you get to wear such warm-weather clothes now! Where do you live? LOL