Two Tags

I've been tagged by 
 dear Nathalie from the blog
with an award:
the great Ariana from Style Montreal Sud-Est
So I thought to combine the two and make a
two for one promotion :)

I have to answer a few questions and 
here are my answers:
What do you think makes you unique ?
Straightforward. No beating around the bush.
Although I make an effort to be "nice" about it.

What is you hidden talent ?
Hmmm ... I don't know !
I do know that I cannot sing.

If you had the choice, 
where would you live ?
Maybe NY.
It all depends.
The things you hate to do:
Do the dishes. Clean.

The worst injustice
I could write an entire blog about these.
Animal abuse.
Fast Fashion or Vintage ?

Vintage. No question.

Red wine or white wine?
What makes it that you will be loosing
your patience?
People being late. Being disrespectful. Being loud.
Favorite male actor and why?
I don't have one and I just realized that !
High heels or low heels?
it all depends where I am going !
Favorite subject in school
Spanish Literature, Art
and World History.
My teachers made all the difference.

And instead of tagging, I'd like for you to
answer at least ONE thing in the comments section :o)


Shybiker said...

I like your answers. They taught me more about you. Apparently, I can't get enough of you!

What makes me unique is the combination of my unusual nature and my life-history. I've seen the world as a man; I'm learning to see it as a woman. I have understanding of both perspectives. Given how divided men and women are, this is rare and valuable.

Jenava said...

I think your answers and my answers are pretty similar! Except the wine..I like BOTH! (-:

Bombshellicious said...

Definitely the worst injustice Animal Abuse of any description plus destruction of nature. Loved your answers though xx

Carla said...

I'd like to live in San Juan Puerto Rico...:)
Animal Cruelty...You're so right!!!!!!!!!

Elegance Personified said...

I will answer 3 not 1 question for you. =)

What do you think makes you unique?

My sense of humor, combined with my sense of style and my attitude which is mixed with both an American style and an Albanian spirit, to it.

Red wine or white wine?

I love both but I prefer red. =) I love wine.

High heels or low heels?
I like both. I like all kinds of heels. I prefer a medium-height heel like 2 and a half to 3 inches, not too thin, not too thick. I also love wedges. =)

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