Random picks from my every day routine

I usually don't blog about the products I use, before I use to review them here but now instead I post them on my Instagram. If you follow you have seen pictures of these products there. While I admit not being totally faithful to all products I use because I am always looking for new items, I do think these are worth featuring.

The first is the Chamomile cleansing gel, which comes in a very generous size of 200ml. I did not think that an organic product would remove my make make up because I figured it would be too light and I was wrong. The product is gentle for the skin but strong enough for make up removal. I used a penny size and applied and washed twice. It has a light scent and did not activate my rosacea, which was a huge relief. 
The second was the Apricot Scrub, also a generous size, a very subtle scent, non irritating. One of my favourite things about this product was that the scrub specs are real apricot seeds. Maybe you have read, or not, that way too many face washes and exfoliants have plastic micro beads, yes, plastic. Meaning you're literally sending plastic down the drain... learn more about it here
These products are currently part of my skin care routine which is constantly changing, however these are two I'd continue using.
Oh and the producer is from Costa Rica, they're named BioLand and same as the country it is known for having a"green"approach to the manufacture of their products. You can learn more about BioLand here.

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Kim Alston said...

Those little beads have been in facial products & toothpaste way too long. It's ashame they took that long to see they were harmful to the environment. My mom loves apricot scrubs. She uses Freeman.