New Skirt !

I got a new skirt on sale !
And as you may notice ;) I continue to play with Picnik.
The good thing about this skirt is that is has pockets, 
it's comfortable and I got it at 80% off.
The bad thing is it was the only one left so I could not
get my size so it's a little big, hence the belt.
I had been trying to do my best to only buy things that
fit perfectly and needed no alternations, well only hems.
But, this skirt won my heart over, it has what seem to be
leather belts that remind me of Gucci and even Hèrmes,
What do you think ?

Equestrian print blue skirt from Zara 

Happy Tuesday !

It's been over a year !

Yes, over a year since I wore this suit last.
A year.
I am not sure why I don't wear it that often.
A wild guess could be that it is an informal (due to pant length)
suit, but then again I do not work in a formal environment.
The fabric is amazingly light, the color is light pink with thin
white, beige and blue lines.
Maybe it hangs in the part of the closet that I very seldom 
look at or it could be that I usually always wear it the same 
way and it just plain bores me.
I think that's it.
Whenever I have worn this in the past, I recall it being
worn with a white top. ALL THE TIME.
Also the same shoes I am wearing right now: white sandals.
I made an effort to mix prints (see below) in regards to the
shirt so I could take this suit out of this rut.
I need help...
How else would you wear this ?
What color shirt ?
Shoes ?
Accessories ?
Alter it ?
I am all ears.. Happy Monday !
Nathalie B pink suit · Light blue striped top · White sandals Etienne Aigner ·
Marc Jacobs wanna be bag 

Weekend Wrap Up

It's Sunday. I am sick in bed after a breakfast at Burger King.
I am playing around with the Picnik site, I read about it on another
 blog and thought it would be good to check it out.
Not only did I check it out but, got to play with it a little...
This is what I wore Saturday to coffee with girlfriends...
Jeans Tommy Hilfiger  White tshirt       Black long cardi      Black bracelets
Michael Kors heels

The Dressing Room

Sometime in 2008 I walked into a dressing room and was totally
shocked when I read the sign on the wall.
It is in Spanish and I will translate to the best of my ability.

Here it goes

"If you need the bathroom
request it to one of our sales personnel.
Do not use the dressing room for
those matters.
Thank you for your attention."

I bet you did not expect that coming !

After I read this I dressed as quickly as I could and got out of there.
I don't think I have been back since.
I can only wonder WHAT must have happened in one of these
dressing rooms to have management put this sign up.

COCO ...

Dear Coco,
I have had you forever. 
You were given to me as a present over 10 years ago.
Has it been that long ? Yes, it has.
I have always kept you for "special occasions" but no more.
Every day is special so I have decided to wear you to work, to the supermarket, to the mall. Anywhere, as what is special anyways ?

Walking to the bank

I know it's a boring tittle but, it's actually what I 
did this morning before walking to work.
I walked because....
Yes, you guessed it: car is in the shop.
The air/c is officially dead, 
so, yes ching, ching, ching $$$$ !

I got a question from Jen at Slumber Designs on 
how else I have worn this brown stretch belt.
I actually went all the way back to when I began the blog
a little over a year ago and I have only worn it 4 times.
Who would have known !
If you scroll down you will see how this
belt has been worn.
Multi colored dress by Chadwicks · Brown peep toe flats Kenneth Cole Reaction ·
Bag Marc Jacobs wanna be · Brown stretch belt 

Here's the recap:

The IF in LIFe

There will always be a "lie" in believe,
an "over" in l
over an "end" in friends,
an "us" in tr
ust and an "if" in life...

I picked this quote from Jen's new blog: Bits of Truth
I absolutely love it, so I wanted to share.
Relating to this, do you have WHAT IF thoughts or are you the kind
of person that just moves on and never wonders  ?
In my case, sometimes I wonder..
What if I was younger ?
What if I had studied psychology ?
What if I had said the unsaid ?
What if ... ?
· Mossimo Jeans · Off white Carven tank top · Off white cardigan Junction West ·
Animal print peep toe flats Qupid · Floral Scarf Bijoux Terner · Marc Jacobs wanna be bag

Totally Shameless

I am not ashamed to be wearing the same 
skirt as on Monday.
It's not like I rolled around in dirt with it.
Did I ?
· Blue Skirt To The Max · White puffy sleeve shirt · Brown animal print stretch belt ·
· Brown peep toe heels Christian Siriano for Payless · Bag Marc Jacobs wanna be ·
I now have a trick question.
What is the most you have worn something, 
ANYTHING before washing it... ?
I won't send the Health Ministry your way, 
I promise.
My answer to that question takes me back to high school.
I had been to a concert, specifically an Hombres G Concert.
(They are a Spanish rock band I adore, you can google them if you want)
I am too lazy to leave a link today.
After the concert I got to meet the guys, the whole band.
I had them sign my jeans.
I wore them forever. Refused to wash them as I did not 
want to lose the signatures.
It was also my most expensive pair of jeans at the time, 
they were PEPE brand.
I think I went 6 months without washing them.
I am actually upset right now as I am wondering WHERE these
ended up. Not like I could fit into them, but...
So, there's my story.
Tell me yours.

Loving white pants !

I have a "thing" for white shirts and I 
kinda dig white pants too.
I have 2 white jeans and 2 white pants.
I wear them a lot.
I have a couple of friends who tend to
think white trousers make them look bigger. 
I like the fact that it's a canvas I can totally control.
Remember I am a control freak.
The first steps to recovery are admitting you
have a problem :)
White trousers Ann Taylor loft · Tommy Hilfiger top · Ebonesse green leather belt worn on backwards·
Marc Jacobs wanna be bag · Red zipper heels from Forever 21 ·
So, what is the favorite part of your outfit today ?
Mine are my white trousers.

Matching Buttons

Put together today's set by simply matching buttons.
They are round, matte and gold which resemble military style buttons.
The skirt and the vest have matching buttons, so to me they match.
What do you think ?
Blue skirt To The Max· beige tank by Carven · Cream long sleeve blouse Studio M ·
·Brown vest Bluenotes' · Brown wedges Coach · Bag Marc Jacobs wanna be ·
 Owl ring Forever 21

Weekend with Tommy Hilfiger

I spent my weekend trying to figure out my Tommy Hilfiger top.
Have had it for at least 8 years and have never quite worn it well.
When I wear it off the shoulders it's a pain as it rides back up
and it requires the use of a strapless bra. Hate strapless bras.
I have yet to find one that really works.
I tried this fuchsia top with loose light colored jeans, tight dark 
capri jeans and a fitted Zara jean skirt.
You know what, the skirt won !
To be honest I had already given up on this top and had thought
about passing it on, but the skirt just gave it more time in my
closet. I think I should give it at least one more opportunity.
Ha! I know what you are thinking... I over did it with jeans.
I know, cut me some slack. I have a plan buaaahaaa to
put my jeans away and focus on the rest of my wardrobe.
Will let you in as I have figured out how it's exactly going to work.

- Light jeans Tommy Hilfiger
- Dark capri jeans Levi's
- Dark jean skirt Zara
- Leather bag - Market in Marrakech

Tired Legs ?

I usually get a pedicure and manicure about once a month, more or less.
As I have said before I take my own nail polish - another item I take with me is the Cooling Mousse for Tired Legs by L'Occitane.
I have been using it for at least 6 months now and totally love it.
After my pedicure is done it is applied from the knee down. The verbena scent is  refreshing as is the cool mousse.
I also put it on when I have worn one of those killer heels and my feet feel like they need to be replaced.
It does the magic for me ! Have you tried this ? If not, how about other products for tired legs ?

You Want to Know ?

If you were wondering -or not- what color
 I have been wearing on my nails this week, it's
Chanel's Nouvelle Vague nail polish.
I bought it on line from the Chanel site over a month ago.
I am only wearing it for the first time. To be honest I don't love it.
I read so many positive reviews on it that I feel a tid bit 
disappointed, in particular because it is my most expensive 
nail polish ever purchased. Ever.
I got a manicure and pedicure done with this color... so
I will be sporting it for a few weeks to come.

Succumbed to Jeans

Yes, even though I am trying to hold back from wearing 
them sooo much, I totally succumbed to wearing jeans today.
I did not want to think a lot about what to wear, 
so jeans were an easy way out.
I am having all of my brain power used up at work.
It's busy. It's bad busy. Like really bad. 
Like, I wanna run bad. Oh, well.
Answering Drollgirl, I do brand management for LA 
region mostly perfumes and cosmetics.
Actually now it's just perfumes.
It's fun, but sometimes the grass is that NOT green.
Like, uh right now.
- Jeans Mossimo - Light blue button down shirt Merona
- Beige vest - Animal print peep toe flats Qupid
- Bracelets by Cartier and Tous - Leather bag market in Marrakech

Working Hard or Hardly Working ?

Thursday morning. Yawn.
This week I have been particularly busy at work. 
There are many things pending to be done and quite a 
few countries that need to be visited before year's end.
Black capris · Colorful animal print top (gift from mom) · 
Patent and wood wedges Nine West ·Black tote Roberto Cavalli

So are you working hard or hardly working ?

Washed Out Wednesday

Just not feeling it. Maybe it's the gray.
It's kind of gray outside too.

I have never found many options in wearing this 
shirt, it's by GO International from Target.
Grey and grey with grey. How grey !
I am babbling now....
how is your Wednesday coming along ?
Anyone messing with you ?

Tuesday, Tuesday.

I am certain you have heard me ramble about my love of old homes.
This is an example of a 1940's home I adore and go by everyday 
on my drive to work.

Unfortunately, these homes are becoming extinct.

On this Tuesday, I wore:
- H&M black dress
- Camouflage scarf as belt
- Black and grey flats
- Black tote Roberto Cavalli