The Dressing Room

Sometime in 2008 I walked into a dressing room and was totally
shocked when I read the sign on the wall.
It is in Spanish and I will translate to the best of my ability.

Here it goes

"If you need the bathroom
request it to one of our sales personnel.
Do not use the dressing room for
those matters.
Thank you for your attention."

I bet you did not expect that coming !

After I read this I dressed as quickly as I could and got out of there.
I don't think I have been back since.
I can only wonder WHAT must have happened in one of these
dressing rooms to have management put this sign up.


Miss Emma Kitty said...

That is Hilarious ! People are Crazy : )

LyddieGal said...

that is all kinds of scary!

Iris said...

Wow... just wow! People are ridic...

Sheila said...

I worked in a ladies' clothing store for 3 years - at the end of one Saturday, our manager cleaned out all the fitting rooms and found that someone had PEED all over one of the rooms. On the seat, the wall and the floor! She was absolutely astounded.

Megan Mae said...

If you've read any number of "Bad customer" sites, it's actually a pretty frequent thing!

I have no idea the logic behind going in a dressing room, but I've heard of it happening way too frequently to want to stand on a dressing room floor barefoot