You Want to Know ?

If you were wondering -or not- what color
 I have been wearing on my nails this week, it's
Chanel's Nouvelle Vague nail polish.
I bought it on line from the Chanel site over a month ago.
I am only wearing it for the first time. To be honest I don't love it.
I read so many positive reviews on it that I feel a tid bit 
disappointed, in particular because it is my most expensive 
nail polish ever purchased. Ever.
I got a manicure and pedicure done with this color... so
I will be sporting it for a few weeks to come.


Delane said...

I don't like Chanel nail polish. It chips. No matter what I put under it or over it, it chips in 2 days. They do lead the way in nail colors. Oh how I loved vamp back in the day. I could not believe I paid 30 bucks for it either. only chip.

Ania Alonso said...

I like it soo much!!!

LyddieGal said...

I've been LOVING the color, but I can understand- I hate spending more than $3 on a nail polish, haha.


Un color precioso!!


KATHY said...

Yo quiero ese!!! es hermoso la color y estoy enamorada del.