Washed Out Wednesday

Just not feeling it. Maybe it's the gray.
It's kind of gray outside too.

I have never found many options in wearing this 
shirt, it's by GO International from Target.
Grey and grey with grey. How grey !
I am babbling now....
how is your Wednesday coming along ?
Anyone messing with you ?


Miss Emma Kitty said...

I Really Love that Top ! The ruffles are Great ! Did you ever go back to the Jimmy Choo Sale ?

Sheila said...

I'm not that jazzed about the top - it just doesn't seem "you". However, those pants look fab, and are those red shoes I see peeking out? I hope tomorrow's better, hon.

Carla said...

i TOTALLY love the outfit!! I wish I could wear blouses like that! they just look weird on me =( but u look great!!