As my vacations are almost over...

his is my last scheduled post!
It was part of my Europe experience last year.  It was also one of the worst - right beside being robbed in a Paris metro.

I was walking very early in Geneva, Switzerland. I am talking 10:00 in the morning.
This dude starts to follow me. I stop to look around saying to myself that I am just paranoid as this cannot possibly happen in Switzerland.
The guy also stops, he seemed to be in his late 40's. 
Guy comes towards me, starts talking about how all is so pretty. So, I think "Oh, it's just another tourist enjoying the scenery" - I was standing right in front of the lake.

Not ! the guy tells me to go to the hotel with him. I froze and just told him to go away. Started looking for police or just someone with authority.
Started walking from the guy, the guy continues to follow.  I was terrified.
I turned around and started shouting I was going to call the police, to stop following me, to go away.  Finally I think he got the message and left.

Fortunately nothing happened. But, it's just a reminder that no matter where you are or how safe the place may seem, you have to watch your surroundings.

So, as I said my next post should be a real "live" one - from recent happenings. Probably from my 2009 vacations... which were to.......


Orlando, Florida ... I know it's not quite as exciting as last year's but, it's what we had a budget for.  God, I am thankful we even had a budget.
Now, to be honest, neither my H or I have never, EVER been to Disneyworld or the other Theme Parks in Orlando, so it should be fun. 
Plus we planned our trip with friends in order to get the most out of it ! 
Can't wait to tell you about this trip.... most importantly what 

Last year's vacations included a TOO SHORT of a stop in...

London ... I should have been sued for not staying there a few more days.

This place is gorgeous, expensive if you carry US dollars but, I assure you it is worth every single penny.

On vacation last year, we also went to...

Athens !

People here are friendly, the country is not THAT expensive, food is amazing !
God knows I tried everything on all bakeries...

What is your dream vacation ?

On my 2008 vacations I went to...

Berlin ! It was just a couple of days... but, we made the best out of it.

The "gate", Sachenhausen Concentration Camp, Checkpoint Charlie, The Wall, UnsichtBar (where you dine in the dark) and even a Titanic Exhibition that was in town !

2008 Vacations !

Hi there !
As mentioned I will be out for a couple of days on vacation.  
I am leaving a couple of scheduled posts on where we went last year for vacation... 

Here are a couple of pictures of one of our stops.

I know, I went to the most touristy but, give me a break, it was my first time in Paris and look who I ran into .... HELLO KITTY !

I could not believe my luck. We were meant to be.
Galleries Lafayette

I dream of someday going to Egypt...

Jeff Koons Rocks!

OH, I wish I could have a Croquet Monsieur right now...

See you next post !

This Friday I will be going on Vacation !

As you might have read lately I have had to travel a lot, due to work. 
Now, even though I do enjoy my work related trips, as I always get something positive out of it on a personal aspect, they are exhausting. 
Specially the past few weeks, when it's one trip right after another with tiny breaks in the middle.
Well, my work trip finale has arrived for 2010. Now, I will be going on vacation.
To be honest I am not that excited. I feel I still need to rest and I have sooo many things to do at home, specially now that Christmas is right around the corner.
The reason I am going on vacation is because my H is desperately needing one, the airfare was dirt cheap and we are getting Marriott hotels for 30.00 bucks a night (we are traveling with a friend who is an employee).

So, if you are reading between the lines, it means I will be out for a week. 

But, on this Friday I wore:
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Merona brand gray top
- Silver tone and black belt (this was my great aunt's -who is 82!!)
- Black sandals
- Red patent bag
When was the las time you went on vacation ?

I will schedule some posts on where we went to for our vacations last year... which hopefully you will enjoy.

Sailor Like... again!

So, it's Thursday. It's not been raining and I have a perfectly ironed pair of white pants hanging in the closet. So, why not try a sailor look ?

- Ann Taylor Loft white pants
- Yellow top by Isaac Mizrahi for Target
- White and blue striped short sleeve jacket, Natalie B brand
- Red zipper sandals - F21 (copied from Christian Louboutin)
- Red patent bag - no brand 

For some reason every time I pick this jacket out of the closet I go for a sailor like look. At least I have already done it once in the short life this blog has... (see here)  I need some inspiration here ! So, if you think I can wear this any other way, please enlighten me. This is one of the purposes of these daily postings... to get to inspiration !

DIY: Military Style Jacket done for the 100th time

I know, I know you and I have seen this done in many other fellow bloggers' sites, many, many times. 
But, I have to say, this is probably the cheapest version ever...
The jacket is was 5.99 USD, brand name is Culture - the buttons were 12 pieces for 0.90 cents... and voilá (look more french!)

I can´t wait to wear  this !