New in July

I've been slacking off on documenting my purchases of anything coming into the closet.  The reason is there is very blurry line between my latest purchases and items going into my Instagram shop. But here is what actually came in that I've already worn.


White blouse with embroidered blue flowers, no brand, gift from aunt. Silk green shirtdress Prita by  Diane Von Furstenberg I waited and waited for this dress to go on sale .... 16.05 USD. The Kenzo cactus print dress was another item I had on my radar and that I also waited for it to go on sale and it did 18.75 USD. The oversized white H&M dress was just 4.30 USD.


On my recent trip to Buenos Aires I found several fantastic pieces of vintage costume jewelry, this is just three of them all marked Givenchy. The key brooch is in pristine condition, same as the sphere earrings and brooch, all three were about 3 to 4 USD.
Also below satin bow brooch for 1.125 SUD which is obviously missing a stone but I still love it as is.

July total of 44.35 USD

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Sheila said...

Your bargains never fail to amaze me! I love the jewelry most of all.