Mustard Clutch

Blue top with pearl detail Red Leaf - White pleated skirt Zara, similar - Mustard clutch Pull & Bear, similar
Mustard yellow peep toe suede block heels Zara, almost identical

If there is one thing that really makes me upset is to reach for a bag only to realize it cannot be worn because it's falling apart. This has happened before and today it happened again with this mustard clutch.  It was a birthday present from my husband in 2015, I wore it about 12 times. The vinyl is peeling and its something that cannot be repaired.  
What was you last bag that was ruined? What happened to it?


Sheila said...

I don't have that issue with bags - the climate here is humid, but not like what you have! I've had shoes disintegrate on me, though. That's why I usually will go with leather - I see so much pleather getting disgustingly icky in thrift stores!

Mica said...

Oh what a shame! It's such a cute clutch too :(

That's happened to me a few times with pleather things, the fabric just can't stand the heat and humidity here. I even had a pair of shoes that the plastic sole disintegrated and cracked on last summer, we had a particularly bad few weeks of heatwaves though and our aircon broke for most of it so that didn't help! I try to invest in leather pieces instead, they seem to hold up for longer! Never had an issue with leather pieces disintegrating yet.

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh no!!!! That stinks!!!
I have a flap saddle bag that I thrifted for 2 dollars where the magnetic closure broke, luckily I can still use it, it just doesn't actually close, haha. And there's a nice hole when I open the flap from where the magnet was