July's Closet Editions

I've been trying to edit. Lately realizing that my latest purchases are going right out the door. Like these two satin like shirts: Purple Moschino Jeans button down and printed Missoni shirt. They were both tighter than I normally wear, so I sold them. 


Then came these two identical Lacoste zipper cardigans purchased at least 8 years ago. The off white one was worn about 5 times, the grape color one just twice. These I also sold.


The Bimbo y Lola flats I purchase during a trip to Peru mid 2015 for 31.43 USD. It's been worn at least 26 times taking it to 0.86 cents cost per wear.  Then you already read the story of this shrunken sweater which I passed on to my friend's little girl.

This three tier green and blue bead necklace was a gift from my co workers and I no longer wear it. 
The orange rust corduroy cardigan was barely worn over the last years and it was ill fitting.


The Max & Co. skirt I have no record of including it in my purchases, it was about 4.80 USD bought two months ago and I only have record of wearing once. In my head I wore it about 3 times. Also, I sold it so I got my money back and made some cash.


A pair of NYDJ that was a size 2, it was a torture to wear because they were so tight. 
 It was taken down to about 1.05 per wear which is just fine.


The Versace jeans brown cardigan with gold trim also left the closet. The neckline was too open and I was not very happy with how it looked, purchased in October 2017 it cost 9.65 USD and I only wore it once, but then sold it ;) 


Escada Sport blouse worn about 6 times since purchased in 2017, paid 16.57 USD, while I did not make a profit, it's been sold. I also decided to part ways with my fake Dior saddle bag, which I also sold!

13 items edited in July !


Sheila said...

Well done, Lorena! That's a big edit and I am glad you got some $$ for some of your items. Oh, what I wouldn't give to just dig through my closet! I bet you feel the same about mine! Ha!

Natalie S said...

Wow salieron bastantes cosas! Yo hice un edit super grande y todavía no me siento a poder monetizarlo

Mica said...

You did so well to get rid of so much, and to sell it all! I tend to donate everything as it's a pain to list items! Unless it's luxe / designer then I consign it, the store makes that so easy, haha!

Away From Blue

Laura B said...

It is great you were able to sell so many of the items you edited from your closet!

Lydia said...

I think it's great to be able to sell things to clean out your closet. Even if you don't make much, that little bit makes you feel better about your next purchase, haha.
Chic on the Cheap

backinstyle said...

You are so good at editing the low performers out of your closet, Lorena! It's great that you re-home the items and make a little money too!