May Closet Editions

I started an Instagram account for some of my closet edits. Mostly the vintage and designer brand ones. In this account I am also selling those items I find that I buy even though they do not fit because I think they are amazing. 
Yes, I do that. I buy shoes and clothes that do not fit. 

First one up is the Gucci blouse bought in March 2019 as you may have read here I made a huge effort to wear it. It's beautiful, the tassel is exquisite however I could not pull it off. Wore it at least 4 times CPW was about 2.50 USD and it's been sold with a profit ;)  


The second item being edited are these wooden platform wedges from Valentino. I bought them in 2017 and wore them once. I think it's evident they are too high for me, so I sold them with a profit. 


Escada Sport tunic top, purchased in March 2019, worn about three times. I passed it on to a friend. In June 2018 I bought his cream canvas and purple leather bucket bag with tassel by Coach, took it to a 1.93 USD cost per wear and I just sold it to a friend :)


Then I went to a 3 garment swap where I let go of this Monrow tie dye top which I felt did not fit properly, CPW was less than 0.40 cents. The same for this Gypsy brand green silk jumpsuit, taken to less than 0.50 cents CPW.  Also this skirt by Adolfo Domínguez which was taken to about 0.20 cents per wear! and a blue dress from the same brand that I never wore and never took pictures of. 

Another item I chose to let go of was this Hello Kitty silver tone bracelet (a gift) and this black strapless dress by Studio F, I wore it 3 times and decided it was not a keeper.

I got these shoes, wore them once and decided they were gorgeous but too high for me to wear, I did not even have time to add them to my closet additions. Needless to say I sold them with a profit. The same thing happened with this brown Furla bag, a result of a friend's closet edit from last year, I wore it about ten times and then chose to sell it on my new Instagram page

Finally this Kate Spade bag I took to 2.57 USD CPW and then chose to sell.

Total edit 15 items.


Mica said...

It's great you can sell for a profit - i can do that with handbags but clothes I find easier to just donate, haha! I don't have many designer clothes though, mostly just designer denim! Good luck with your future sales!

Away From Blue

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

My goodness, those Valentino sandals are amazing!

Sheila said...

I'm not surprised you make a profit on these - I've seen how cheap you find things! What a great little side business!