New in May

Sometimes I feel I've lost track. Sometimes I feel I am in control. Then I realize I am not.  Here is what I think I bought in May.

Aritzia fabric belt for 1.07 USD

B-low the belt gold leather belt for 3.75 USD and a grey and yellow Escada blazer 7.00 USD

Just Cavalli buckle belt for 3.75 USD


Also a pair of jeans overall from a Chinese brand 7.21 USD and this Kate Spade bag for 12.85 USD.

May total is 35.63.78 USD


Closet Fashionista said...

At least everything was under $10 (mostly)....I just spend too much money on 2 things. But haven't really "shopped" in a while so it's okay.... haha

Mica said...

I think you did really well with your shopping, everything was so cheap! :) I spent more than I intended to in May but being on holiday made me a bit more open to impulse buys, haha!

Hope that your week is going well, it's been a rather cold start to winter here!

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

That Cavalli belt is awesome!

Lydia said...

Haha, what you think you bought. I get it.

Lydia said...

oh and that tag is hilarious