Beige tee shirt Tory Burch, similar - Mint cashmere cardigan H&M, similar

Taupe block heel shoes Breckelle's - Bright Kate Spade hand bag, similar 

Polka dot skirt Paula Cahen de Anvers - Mint sunglasses, similar

Hello Kitty bracelet - White gold art deco ring, similar - Kate spade bag, similar
Confetti is usually thrown in happy occasions, therefore representing positiveness. It's probably one of the reasons I picked this skirt up, the confetti print it made me smile. Has this happened to you before? that clothes transmit some type of "feeling"?


Closet Fashionista said...

That skirt is super cute! And yes, I have a bunch of pieces that just made me feel happy or excited so I had to have them, haha

Sheila said...

Oh, absolutely - I often buy things because they make me feel happy. It can be the colour or the pattern, or even just how it feels on.

I adore that bright coral orange with the mint - what a great pairing!

Mica said...

That is such a fun skirt and I love the bright cardi and bag with it! :)

I have a few pieces in my wardrobe that just make me smile - I want to have a wardrobe that always makes me smile but I know I need boring basics to pair with all those fun statement pieces too, haha!

Hope your week is off to a great start :) The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I'd love you to join! :)

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