I choose to be happy today!
Light blue dress Gentle Fawn - Silver flats Zara - Bag Venezia
You should too.


LyddieGal said...

Isn't it funny - so many times I'm in a bad mood and I just can shake it, I can't move on, I tell myself to choose happiness, but more often than not that foulness just needs to run its course.

Also, adore the galloon lace appliqué!

Kim Alston said...

That's the best way to be! More people need to be like you Lorena. Love your dress.

Jane Droll said...

love that color!

it is good to choose happiness. so many factors are at play in life, but you sometimes have to decide if you want to be in a good mood, or wallow in a bad mood. today i am in a good mood -- it is friday and the weekend is near. YAY!