Blue scalloped

The moment I set my eyes on this blue,
 scalloped, uneven hem skirt, I loved it.

Blue scalloped skirt Forever 21 - White button down shirt Forever 21 - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Bag Venezia
Little did I imagine it would be so difficult to style.
I lost count of how many tops I tried it on with,
because nothing looked right.

I finally chose to wear a simple button down because 
it was the one that looked the least worst.
Notice I did not say "best".
Any ideas for styling it in the future ?


Sheila said...

That is a really difficult shape! This skirt reads as really fancy/dressy to me; it was probably originally sold with a matching top with a scalloped hemline, so it would have looked like a dress for a special occasion.

A dressy one-shouldered top could be cool, maybe in sequins or other contrasting fabric, with the bare shoulder opposite of the skirt's slit so that it follows a nice diagonal. Could be awesome!

Cosmic said...

You've done a great job in styling this challenging skirt style(don't think I could do better, mind you I would avoid this style for challenging style pairings alone), Lorena. You look lovely in this ensemble btw:) said...

I love the colour of this skirt Lorena and think it would look fab on you with an off the shoulder top! Have a good weekend:)

LyddieGal said...

Oh yes, a skirt after my own heart. I think you are on the right track with simple, maybe even a plain black tee? Do you feel like the color makes it tricky, or the length?

Jane Droll said...

beautiful and i love the color!

i have a couple of ideas. i think a hot pink or orchid pink or yellow simple sleeveless silk blouse (no buttons, no adornments...maybe a simple v-neck or a scoop neck) would look lovely.