Tiny scarf

Black shorts Worthington similar ,  Lavender top Forever 21 - Brown sunglasses Carrera, similar

Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's, similar

Have you ever purchased something just because if you bought it you would get a gift? 
In my case yes. The gift was this tiny Italian silk scarf I'm wearing today on my wrist. It was the gift with purchase at a local jewelry store. Yes, jewelry was purchased so I could get this mini scarf, which sometimes I wear with a charm hanging from the knot. 
How about you, ever made a purchase just because of the freebie you'd get?


Mica said...

I bought a perfume I didn't like that much just to get a gift with purchase of a leather pouch for my bag, haha! In my defence the perfume was a lot cheaper than the pouch if I'd bought it from the boutique!

Turns out that while I went off my regular perfume in pregnancy, I'm loving that one, so I'm really happy I bought it despite not being overly impressed by it at first!

Away From The Blue

Sheila said...

I am a sucker for the Clinique Bonus Days - I'll happily buy some expensive moisturizer (that I then use on my legs!) to get a bag of mini bits of make-up. I love the small sized eyeshadow, lipstick/gloss and travel sized lotions. I have about 10 of their eye make-up removers, though - I never use them.

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

great combo my dear

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Closet Fashionista said...

Haha awww so cute!!!
And I'm sure I've fallen victim to that at Sephora a couple times. And with other random purchases. But sometimes the free things are just too good to not have ;)

Dressed With Soul said...

Dear Lorena, this is a fantastic reason to shop :) Your little scarf is super cute - well done you made your purchases to get this as freebie. And I like you in your relaxed summer look.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Laura B said...

I can't think of anything I've purchased just to get a free gift, but free gifts are always a bonus! I love the pretty scarf you bought. It's a fun alternative to a bracelet!

Ivana Split said...

how fun you bought something else so you could get this lovely scarf. It is a very pretty scarf indeed. I like how you tied it around your hand. This is a nice outfit as well. You look cute. Thank you for sharing.


backinstyle said...

The colorful little scarf is such a unique accessory and the perfect size for a wrist tie. And that fabulous pastel painted structure behind you! Also love the scarf in your previous post-proof that small touches can really make an outfit shine!

LUX said...

What a great and colorful place!!
You looks so happy on those pictures!
Love that :))

withlovefromale said...

Love it el detalle de la mini bufanda. Que lindo el escenario también.

sonia // daring coco said...

I am guilty of doing this with beauty products. I hate getting emails with "free gift with purchase" because I always get suckered in and buy stuff I don't need. Your scarf looks like a worthwhile purchase however. I love how dainty it is on the arm.


Sasha said...

That scarf is so pretty! I understand why you made a purchase so you could get it! I bought a perfume many years ago that I didn't really like because it came with a really pretty tote bag! I don't know what became of the perfume but I still use the tote bag! ;) XXX

Jennifer_q85 said...

I can't think of any items but I'm sure I've been tempted and caved. The mini scarf is so cute. Have a great week!

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Lydia said...

DSW wants to give me an umbrella if I spend $45. It's the cool kind that closes inside out. I'm tempted, but I'm still trying not to shop. Otherwise I might at least go look around!

Chic on the Cheap