Vintage Dress Altered !

I got this dress on ebay. 
Vintage & polyester, what else could I ask for ?
While it did not fit perfectly I loved the fabric, color and style.
I have been doing alterations since I bought it at the end of 2009.
Now, I think it finally fits.

On the left is the dress when I got it, sleeves were long and 
the elastic on them had no grip.
I had the sleeves shortened and new elastic sewn in, as you 
can see on the right.
However I still felt that it was too long. 
I was drowning in the dress.
So I had one more thing done: shorten it.
So, this is the dress this morning.
What do you think ?
Did I over do it ? 
Vintage dress no label · Nine West wedges · Neiman Marcus Tote Bag·
Butterfly belt (hand me down) · Cream earring and necklace set


Meli22 said...

Again, that skirt length is really great for you! I like the alterations you have made on this dress. It still has it's orignial feel, which is what makes it great! : ) The only thing I could wish for is that the blouse part of this dress was a little more fitted, but adding belts certainly helps- all of the various looks look great : )

Carla said...

love the outfit!! that belt is really cute!

Jan said...

Absolutely delightful Jan xx

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like the color of the dress. It goes well with your skin tone.

dennicapearl said...

you look beautiful.

i love the tan colored belt.

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop

Subliminal Sumenal said...

Thank you for the inspiration! I come across things in stores that don't fit perfectly but are hard to pass by. You illustrated perfectly how a few alterations can make the purchase worthwhile. I think it looks very, very cute post-alterations :-)

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think you overdid it at all. It looks much more up-to-date now. I particularly love how you've styled it too!

ana said...

Te ves hermosa!!!!

Frances Joy said...

You certainly did NOT overdo it. That dress looks amazing on you! Well done!

LyddieGal said...

The new dress is perfect! It needed those alterations. The shorter hemline is much more flattering.

Anonymous said...

Perfect! No, you didn't overdo it; it looks great now.

And it was worth the effort: I love that bright red.

Delane said...


Anonymous said...

the color is sooo SEXY.
i kinda like the longer one. but hey, it still look good.
after all what more important is comfortable level.


Iris said...

I love it! I think length is a really important factor for you when you shop... the more knee length the better :)

Anonymous said...

it's actually a very pretty dress and it looks better now than in 2009. Love the butterfly belt.

Kristen said...

The change in sleeves and length modernized the dress perfectly, while still retaining its vintage look. That neckline is so pretty on you! The butterfly belt is the perfect capper of the whole thing.