Closet Additions

I honestly had not planned to purchase anything in January, but I had also not committed to a shopping ban, so here are the my purchases:

1. Yellow ankle length trousers by New York & Co for just 4.25 USD.

2. Black and gold brocade loafers Nine West for 3.00 USD.

3. Grey cropped jeans Gloria Vanderbilt for 4.25 USD.

4. Pink trousers no brand for about 4.50 USD.

5. Red black white flower pint dress 10.00 USD. I bought it for my grandmother but it did not fit her, so I kept it for myself.

6. For my birthday I got this pretty good luck charm four leaf clover bracelet from a friend. 

7. I had purchased several earrings that were supposed to be for re selling and guess what? For now I have chosen to keep these vintage beauties. 


Vintage wooden caramel button clip on earrings from a second hand in Mexico City, Colonia Roma cost less than a dollar. Also these fabulous silver tone clip on earrings by Christian Dior for 1.07 USD.


There was no way I was letting go of these amazing matte gold tone Givenchy beauties or of the silver tone leaf motive clip on earrings with the green rock. Both were 1.07 USD each. How could I?

8. Another item that I purchased with the intention of reselling is this black vintage blouse by Personal by Leslie Fay. The fabric and make of this shirt is impeccable, all for 1.07 USD.

9. Also as a birthday gift I received these bone, off white acrylic earrings by Zenzii.

10. As I birthday present I also got this off white top knot lace headband and two cool hats for the summer. (hats not pictured)

11. These black sunglasses with red, green and gold frames for 2.50 USD.

Fourteen items, many gifted.

Total spent 33.78 USD

January here we go.

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Sheila said...

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

I love the Zenzii earrings, and I recognize the Leslie Fay name - very good quality stuff. The Givenchy earrings are awesome (80s, I think), as are the yellow trousers.