January: 2020 first closet editions

I had been reluctant to edit as I feared if I lost weight I would regret my closet editions. Regardless still I chose to edit, but not based on items that did not fit but more like they did not fit my style. I'll begin.

1.  Grey snake print cardigan from Cable & Gauge purchased in 2013, worn at least a dozen times.

2. Gold tone stainless steel Tous like earrings


3. The polka dot Cafe Pop top.

4. Purple beaded bracelet, was a gift and I wore it maybe once.


5. White beaded evil eye, hamsa charm multiple bracelets.


6. Elvis Presley tee shirt, it had left the casual clothing sphere to become the tee shirt to do gardening and it was looking bad.

7. Black and white tweed blazer Xhilaration, this was the only garment that left because it did not fit. It also felt a bit short, so even if I lost all the weight it was no longer something I wanted around.

8. Four wood cuffs: yellow, red, turquoise and wenge dark wood.

Eleven items.

How are your closet edits coming along?

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Sheila said...

I'm constantly editing, and looking forward to my big closet swap-over soon! I almost never edit due to weight fluctuations; it's always more about how I feel about an item. I think you did well here.