White and black polka top

Black trousers Mario Serrani - White and black polka dot top Pop Cafe 

White and black cap toe vintage shoes Christian Dior - Black woven vintage hand bag The SAK 

I purchased this white and black polka dot Cafe Pop top in 2015 for 12.70 USD, while the quality did not turn out to be the best, I got a few wears out of it before editing it from the closet this month. Below are the ways it was worn, seems like I was not very creative with it and stuck to the black and white palette. 


I probably could have done better. But, it is what it is. 

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Sheila said...

Well, if you only wore it with black, I have to say, that top just did not inspire you! So it's good that it's gone.

You look lovely!

Mica said...

It's a cute top and it's nice you got some wear from it even if you didn't get a lot of variation in the outfits you created - sometimes we just want to stick to things we know look good! :)

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue

backinstyle said...

Cute black and white polka dot top, Lorena, and I love it with the two tone pumps! I like to have pieces like this in my wardrobe for back up, because inspiration does not always strike when I want it! Have a great weekend!

Ashwika said...

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Courtney Erin said...

I would also have styled this pretty much with a black and white palette as well - it's too bad the quality wasn't great as it looks like a cute top.

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines