2018 Closet Happenings

While every other person I know is watching Marie Kondo Tidying up on Netflix, I have my own method. I edit all the time. I cannot take a bag and "be grateful" and just fill it up. Every single thing that needs to be reviewed was acquired for a reason and it cost me hard earned money. I must take my time. 

Anyhow, for the last couple of years I have been documenting my additions and editions to the closet. 

In terms of 2018 closet edition goals,  was to get rid of at least 180 items. I fell short by 12 items, below is detail.

When it comes to new items in the closet, that is another story. This year my budget had been set at 1,400.00 USD, but I spent 1,953.51 USD, meaning I went over by 446.49 USD. Gulp.

Below are previous years, in case you are curious.

2011 spent 1,994.00
2012  spent 1,725.00
2013 spent 1,860.00
2014 - 610.00 over budget,
2015 spent 2,791.00 
2016 under 2,000.00 
2017 spent 941.00. 

What's going on in your closet?

Added in December

On this last month of the year I added some items to the closet. Some from consignment shops, others from a friend's closet. 

Black see through top Missoni - 13.00 USD and vintage buckle print blouse Starington made for Saks Fifth Avenue 4.00 USD.

Reiss nude trousers 1.07 USD - Vince Camuto fuchsia trousers FREE

Yellow blouse by Vince Camuto and Fuchsia blouse from Carven - FREE
Green and white polka dot sleeveless top Jones New York FREE - Long pink button shirt Zara 1.07 USD
Black vintage short sleeve blazer, no brand 1.07 USD - Butterfly print Wishful dress (Gift from Grandma)

River pearl studs (Gift) and double zirconia gold tone ring (FREE)

Also added but not pictures Adolfo Dominguez mini dress 1.07 USD
Lucy Paris dress (FREE)
Gef blue tee shirt (FREE)
Thomas Sabo tree of life necklace (gift)
Givenchy sunglasses 140.00 USD

16 items
162.18 USD

December edits

My December edits began with a Carven top that also waltzed in this month. It just does not fit well. The two white button shirts from Forever 21 had were stained or yellowing.


These silver Gap flats were rarely worn, maybe 4 times. They are from 2012, paid 21.30 USD.
The black scallop Sam Edelman flats from 2017,  26.75 USD. These shoes fell apart too quickly, just ten wears.


Five items edited in December!

Closet Edit Earnings

Every so often the question continuously pops up: "What do you do with your closet edits?" 
My answer a few years ago would have been "I donate everything".

These days, my answer is: "Sort and then donate or send to consignment.."

During 2018 I got more serious about it and I began to track it and to my surprise in 2018 I made some cash off of my closet edits.

Consignment shops

April 4.00 USD az
June 227.50 USD vol (quite a surprise!)
July 83.75 USD az
Sept. 21.50 USD az
Oct. 39.50 USD az
Dec. 35.00 USD az
Dec. 90.00 USD vol

Total 501. 25 USD

Blogger markets
June 4.40 USD 
August 30.00 USD
December 3.50 USD

Total 37.90 USD

Sold to friends

90.00 Kate Spade (purchased 31.10.2013) 
60.00 Stella Rittwagen (purchased 90.00+40=120) 
55.00 Gucci jeans 
90.00 Kate Spade mother of pearl sunglasses

295.00 USD

Closet edit income 834.15 USD

*In 2017 my consignment income was 176.00 USD*
agoist 4 235.90 USD

Pending to wear from 2018

While I have not done my 2018 purchase recap yet, I did do a spot check on what garments purchased during 2018 are still hanging in the closet unworn. I was surprised and ashamed. The reasons are also worth reviewing. 

1. Needs some type of alteration /repair done.


2. I have no clue where they are... maybe in the iron bin?


3. Maybe too sporty for my style..


4. Have not had the occasion



5. Too fat, no longer fit


6. I have no idea




7.  Cannot get the wrinkles out of these


After seeing these pending items to be worn, I am feeling a lot of guilt and maybe even shopper's remorse. 
How many items are hanging in your closet NWT? For me it 40.