100% ?

Black zipper skirt Burberry
Silver top Lanvin, here gold version 
Black Vernice Floyd peep toe shoes Gucci
Black zipper skirt Burberry - Vintage diamond ring, similar 
Furla patent hand bag with chain, similar - Vintage gold ring, similar 

As I have mentioned before, my shopping habits have changed drastically this year, I barely buy anything new. 
This outfit is proof of that. The skirt with zipper detail was a steal, considering its Burberry and that I paid less than half of what they are selling it for. The metallic top is by Lanvin, from around 2008 and was just over 22.00 USD, yet another great find.
The peep toe shoes are Gucci and were a bargain, same as the black patent turn key bag from Furla.
This is probably the closest I will get to an outfit being a 100% from consignment.

Dress & Blazer

Black dress George - Printed blazer Peter Pilotto, here another vintage option 
Black Ella tote bag Tory Burch - Black pointy patent flats Zara

I am keeping it quite simple when it comes to getting dressed. I've got too much of a whirlwind around me. So, its pretty much basic pieces and those that actually, barely fit, like this dress and blazer.


Yellow Jeans Kayden K , similar - Blue vintage blazer Feraud, similar 
Cactus print tee shirt Yeah Bunny, similar - Brown hang bag Furla 
Brown sunglasses Michael Kors, similar on sale - Burgundy flats French Soles, similar 
Textile flower earrings Gie Gie Close, similar for 3.00 USD

I am the first to admit this is the least of my favorite outfits. Then again, it was what I put together with what I call "leftovers" of other outfits. That was my outfit recipe today leftovers.

Sneaker mode

White button shirt Gina Tricot, similar - Jeans Logg by H&M - Draw string bag Coach, similar under 12.00 USD
Céline sunglasses
Purple Adidas sneakers, similar
It is very unlike me to wear sneakers, but today I did. What do you almost never wear ?


Printed top Escada Sport, similar - Trousers H&M, love these tie waist ones on sale
Flats Bimba & Lola - Sunglasses Michael Kors, similar
Brown hand bag Furla, similar

While I am far from doing my yearly recap there is one thing I am certain about, if I splurged on anything this year, it was on two things: sunglasses and jewelry. I knew it right there and then when I was making the purchases that it was a bit too much. 

How about you? What did you splurge on this year?

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Secret wish

Chambray raw hem dress Current Elliott, identical on sale here - Celine sunglasses
Taupe suede block heel shoes Breckelle's, similar
Brown hand bag Furla, similar
Striped flower belt 

My secret wish is to take all items in my closet to the lowest cost per wear possible. Sigh.
This dress is down to 4.55 USD on cost per wear, including today. If you had to calculate a cost per wear on an item you are wearing today, how much would it be and for what item?

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Au revoir butterfly

Trousers H&M, similar
Blue vintage blazer Feraud, similar vintage option
Silver block heel shoes, similar - Brown hand bag Furla, similar
Butterfly print button shirt Available, love this men's option - Vintage silver dragonfly pin, similar
This shirt has been with me for quite sometime. It is pre blog, so it's over ten years. I remember buying it when I started a job that required constant travel to the Caribbean islands.  It's of light cotton, does not wrinkle and of course it has butterflies :) 
Lately I have been wearing it over and over only to convince myself that it's no longer a garment I gravitate towards, which means its just taking up space.  So, au revoir butterfly. 

Eighty percent

Printed blue maxi dress Blue Sand, other blue maxi dress options here, here, here
Brown vintage blazer Gian Franco Ferré, similar
Brown hand bag Furla, similar - Belt Furla, similar
Vintage gold and blue earrings 

Eighty percent of this outfit is second hand. The only new item is the maxi dress. The earrings and hand bag use to belong to a friend. The belt and blazer are from a consignment shop. 

What's your second hand percentage today?

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Silk Poncho

Silk Otomi Doll Poncho Pineda Covalin,  beautiful options here, here and here
Jeans Logg by H&M - Flats Bimbo y Lola - Brown hand bag Furla, similar
Pom Pom and tassel earring, similar and here in white

Lately, for every night out, either to a Halloween scary story reading, mandala painting or just to the movies, I've been going for this same exact combo. The silk poncho, jeans, flats and these pom pom and tassel earrings.

What have you been wearing non stop lately?

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No effort

Jeans Logg by H&M, similar - Brown hand bag Furla, similar - Celine sunglasses
Brown vintage blazer Ferre Studio, sim option vintage YSL - White button shirt Gina Tricot
Leopard print flats Me Too, sim
I actually aim at more looks like this, where it kinda works but does not seem like any effort was made, just threw things on and they came together. 

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White eyelet sleeves sweatshirt Banana Republic, sim - White jeans Red Valentino - Brown hand bag Furla, sim 

Brown mules HMD
Do you ever get hand me down (HMD) or cast aways from your friends' closets? In my case the question is yes.  In fact these brown mules are part of a friend's Marie Kondo edit. I took them out for a spin today and realized they are not for me and am passing them on.

So, do you ever get hand me down or cast aways from your friends' closets?

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Black dress George, sim - Vintage black and red striped shirt Shop 'n' Shore, sim - Celine sunglasses
Black patent pointy shoes Zara, almost identical - Red acrylic monogram necklace 

I am traveling for work and have quite a back log of pictures. I have not even begun to shop for Christmas presents and I am usually done by October ! Currently I have nothing to wear as I have been ordering waaaay too much room service. Currently I miss being able to visit all my blog friends.

What's happening around you ?

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Blue on Blue

Blue skirt Adolfo Dominguez, similar under 15.00 USD - Butterfly print shirt Available, cute t shirt option here 
Blue schoolboy blazer J. Crew, similar - Tote bag Tory Burch
Blue bow high heels Red Valentino, similar - Sunglasses Céline
Sapphire and diamond gold ring, affordable option here

I recently bought this skirt and I am still questioning its permanence in my closet. 
While I make up my mind, this time around I thought I would fake a skirt blazer suit.  Do you ever create "fake" suits?

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Off white match

Jeans LOGG by H&M, similar
Flower print kimono like top Forever 21, similar on sale
Nude tee shirt Tory Burch, similar
Off white pumps Ricatti, similar 
Céline sunglasses
Ricatti off white shoes - Off white and purple trim drawstring bag Coach, similar

I purchased these off white shoes during a recent vacation and when I got home I realized they matched my off white and purple bag perfectly. I gave tried them out today with an also off white background printed flower kimono. I have to say I liked it. 
Specially because I would never wear these shoes with jeans. The idea of stepping just outside the comfort zone has its rewards.

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