White bermuda shorts Solutions, almost identical  - White blazer ENC, almost identical here 
Black silk top Silk House ( vintage dead stock ), almost identical 
Zebra print heels Bershka, similar - Black tote bag Furla, almost identical here 
Triple gold tone silver chain necklace, love this version 

A few weeks ago, one afternoon I went with Natalie on a educational shopping experience. The idea was to show her a few tricks on finding, identifying, dating vintage garments and most important, regardless of the brand: focusing on quality.  Or so we said. 
It started off well, as we came across the black silk short sleeve top I am wearing today. It was brand new with tags but obviously a deadstock garment made by Silk House.
So I went on to explain what deadstock was, as in a garment that can be several years old, therefore probably dated, yet new with tags as it has been sitting in a warehouse unsold. 
A little after that is where the educational part got lost in the thousands of garments available and we got carried away... and just shopped! 
I'd love to hear about your last shopping experience, did you also get carried away?

Doing Lavender

I've had my fair share of lavender items in my closet. Some tops, beaded necklace and might still have a pair of lavender shoes from a bridesmaid's attire. It's not a colour I am drawn to, reminds me of spring and the Easter bunny and honestly think it washes me out.
So last year when I read "ultra violet" would be the 2018 colour of the year, I totally chose to ignore it. I mean why wear something that does not look good knowingly?
But you know how it goes. Along the way I wanted to have something in that shade. I thought I'd buy a belt but I knew I would not wear it. 
For me the simplest way to wear a colour that is on trend is through nail color. It's affordable, not overwhelming and a chic way to be on board. 


How do you incorporate trending colours that are not so flattering for you into your style?

House 21

Green sleeveless silk dress J. Jill, think this might be more flattering
Harriet Tote bag See by Chloe, another version in same color 
Flats Bimba & Lola, similar
Red and gold spheres necklace 
This is house #21, I went pass it today as I do most Saturdays. This time I stopped for pictures, this is usually not possible as there is always a car parked in front.

When I saw the pictures and said to myself "you have so many other garments in the closet, why are you wearing this dress? It is unflattering, washes you out and it has a small stain"

After pictures I went home, removed this dress, washed it and sent it to the donation pile. 

What was your last immediate edit? The one you just could not wait to get home, remove and never see again?

Reactions to Feedback

Black cropped trousers Mossimo, similar with tummy control here
Pink cable knit sweater Charter Club, almost identical here, cute cropped version here
Black tote bag Furla, on sale here
Brown, red and pink bow heels Sayma from Peru, not similar but I like these pink ones

Our humanity makes us vulnerable, wether we want to admit it or not. Through a blog, even more so, as you have more exposure. 
The other day I read this post where Imogen wrote about negative comments received and how easy it is specially under an anonymous account, to dehumanise others. 
After blogging for so long these type of comments come by at one time or another. 
I love receiving feedback, sincere opinions on things that can be improved as it gives me the opportunity to learn and see other points of view. It's all enriching. 
But when the comments are just pure rude criticism, without anything constructive, its another thing. There is no motive there, just to be mean. I find no joy in being mean, so it's difficult for me to understand why anyone would take the time to send rude, disrespectful comments. 
I have also felt sad when criticized, wether face to face or by a stranger as I am certain one can get a point across without being an ass. 
Its the tone of voice or the type of letters used CAPITAL, bold? Who is around: is this comment being shouted out loud in front of others? Left on the comments area for everyone to see or is it contact through direct messaging? There is a big difference. 
How do you react to negative comments or do you?

Ethnic blazer take 2

Jeans Level 99 Denim, identical here, I cut off the original raw edge because as usual it was too long
Vintage ethnic blazer no brand, similar here - Black tee shirt Theory, identical here
Pink belt, similar by DVF here 
Black tote bag Furla, similar here 
Pink watch Victorinox, almost identical - Yellow mustard shoes Tsubo, similar colour

A few days ago I wore this ethnic blazer and told you about its story. As much as I like the fabric, its a bit big, I am not sold on the collar and just not feeling it. Sure, I could have it altered but I don't want to invest in getting it fitted if I know it will not be worth it. I am guessing that altering this will be about 15.00 USD -  So, it's off to the consignment shop. What's the average cost of getting a garment altered where you live?

Mandala victory

White blazer ENC, similar for less than 20.00 USD here 
Brown hand bag vintage Lancel, similar
Strapless brown dress Marni, other strapless dress option with mandalas
Two drop fake pearl earrings, similar
Sarah Jessica Parker SJP velvet block heel shoes

The moment I laid my eyes on this dress I thought "mandalas", while I have no idea what these circles really are, the description seemed to fit. Purchased in January 2016, its been sitting in the closet waiting to worn until today. The reason was it did not fit. If fit when I bought it and then it didn't, so it's actually a tiny victory that I can wear it today. 
Is there something in your closet that you are not wearing because it does not fit? What is it? Will you keep it until its fits again or are you just throwing it out on your next closet edit?

A wool edit

Black tote bag Furla, similar 
Black cropped trousers Mossimo, similar - similar 
Brown top Zara, similar neckline here 
Suede shoes Breckelle's, similar

A few days ago a friend gave me over 6 black bags full of clothing. I almost flipped. I could never do such a huge edit. My edits are slow, very thoughtful and with no regrets.
For example, take this brown wool fibre brown top from Zara, it has been around since at least  2009,  here. It does not get much wear and when it does it's when I travel to colder places because of its high wool content. The neckline is not so flattering and even though its wool the neck is not covered, so it does not really fulfil its purpose of keeping me warm. 
So, after almost ten years in the closet and not much wear, it's leaving the closet with no regrets. 

Paintbrush Strokes

Black dress George, almost identical here, similar here 
Paintbrush strokes blazer, tag reads Nameless, similar  and same style different fabric here, identical in teal here
Suede yellow mustard peep toe pumps Zara, similar
Silver clasp Tous bear pearl necklace, similar with matching earrings under 20.00 USD
The other day I was having second thought son this blazer. As you can see on above pictures it's not the front I am concerned about but that weird back that actually looks cool on a hanger, not so when worn. This just makes my behind look wider, not a look I am going for... So, yes, it's going to the consignment shop !

Pink Accent

White skirt Nine West, almost identical 
Extra large houndstooth print tee shirt Go International for Target, similar borrowed from the men's department
Nude patent heel pumps Flexi, similar
Pink belt, similar - Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, identical in white - Tassel bracelet, similar
It's been over a year since the so called "millennial pink" was spotted in runways in Milan and became a trend. I did not go out and buy pink garments in every shade I could think of. Instead I admired from a distance and loved seeing others in their all pink suits. Which as much as I liked, I thought were quite memorable, meaning I would probably not get much wear out of them if I did invest in one. 
Fast forward to today, I still have not purchased a pink suit but I did go through my closet and realised that I own pink button downs, pink sweater and even a pink belt, which seemed to be the perfect addition to break up a classic black and white look.
Are you into "millennial pink" ?

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Basic and Uncomplicated

Navy Polo shirt Carolina Herrera, similar - Navy gingham shorts Bass, similar in blue, similar in black 
Black scalloped flats Sam Edelman, similar
Black tote bag Furla, similar faux leather under 5.00 US
Silver Tous bear clasp pearl necklace, similar
This has been my go to outfit several weekends in a row. Its basic and uncomplicated like I want my weekends to be.

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Ethnic blazer

Vintage ethnic blazer, similar here and here - Black trousers Mossimo, similar on sale here
Green tank top Logic, similar - Yellow heels Tsubo, similar here - Black tote Furla, similar
Pearl necklace, similar here - Lilac nail varnish, similar

The first time this blazer and I crossed paths was three years ago. I was in the consignment store with a friend and she saw it, loved it and tried it on but decided to leave it behind because of the 30.00 USD price tag. Instead, she picked up Dior shoes and a vintage Moschino blazer. Fast forward three years and I find this blazer on the super sales rack at this same consignment shop for just 1.07 USD, sure beats the price of this similar one. The downside was that since it was on the super sales rack I was not able to try it on due to store policy. 
As much as I like the pattern its not something I'd usually go for and now that I am wearing it, well the collar seems too open and when buttoned the blazer looks and feels big. I tried belting it but it did not look good. So this might just be the first and last time you see it. 

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