Black trousers Zara - Black tee shirt Theory identical - Printed blazer Peter Pilotto 
Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Black leather pumps Spain - Pearl head band
Jade, pearl and gold ring, almost identical here
The first time I heard about the Peter Pilotto brand was probably when Target launched a collaboration several years ago. Of course, as with any collaboration I did not land a single piece. These days I've gotten luckier and today I  am wearing for the first time my printed Peter Pilotto blazer and it's not from the Target collaboration, but from the 2014 Resort Collection  ;) Four years later it's looking as good as the first day...

Past 6

Black drifter trousers Kate Spade Saturday, similar here - White blouse with rhinestone on sleeves Forever 21
Zebra print heels Bershka, similar - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 

Whenever I take pictures there is always something going on. I am usually on my way some where, to do some thing. I don't go out just to take pictures. 
For example, here I was walking to a business dinner and stopped for pictures then carried on. How about you? Do you get dressed just for pictures or are you doing something, going somewhere ?

All Spade

 Kate Spade Saturday black drifter trousers, sim - White Toast of the Town tee shirt Kate Spade, identical , another cool one
 Black patent bow flats Kate Spade, similar here - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 

Without much thinking I put these items together for a simple look. When I finally sat down to write the post I realised that the tee shirt, trousers and shoes were from one same brand but purchased at different times. Oh, and another aspect these three items all shared is that they were al purchased on sale

Favourite season

White Larry Levine shorts, almost identical - Printed top Worthignton - Black scallop flats Sam Edelman, identical in nude
Black scalloped flats Sam Edelman, similar under 20.00 USD - Black padlock belt Michael Kors -
Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli

If you had to choose your favourite season, what would it be? 
For me, as much as I love the sun, well I prefer the moment when summer turns to winter and the rainy season begins. Because our winter is just rain and here there are only two seasons and both are warm. 
While summer is just beginning here I dream of those first rain drops that then turn into thunderstorms and last hours...

Abandoned items

Jeans Zara - Black button down shirt Da Moda - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Black quilted flats 
CC gold tone necklace, similar pearl option here, single pendant option here

A few days ago I was looking into my costume jewellery drawers and came across this necklace which I had not worn in a while.  Then I got that feeling of regret of having items I forget about and don't wear for ages, like an abandoned child. Nothing makes it worst than finally wearing that abandoned item and then getting complimented on it... 
Is there any item you often regret not wearing, yet still don't wear ? 

Pearl curtain

Black dress Mango - Black velvet pumps Juicy Couture - Black glove handbag Maison Martin Margiela for H&M
Black dress Mango - Black velvet pumps Juicy Couture - Black glove handbag Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

A few days ago I was invited to the opening of a museum exhibit that will be in town until May 2018. The theme is artists from 1930 to 1980 and how they were all connected through Gabrielle Chanel. The exhibit was marvellous and of course the cherry on top was the final room (above) where some of the designer's last designs were exhibited.
Oh and I called this post the "Pearl curtain" because I loved the one they had here, which I then learned was done by hand, pearl by pearl, by the museum staff.
When was the last time you visited a museum ?

Sunday vibes

Jeans Zara - White tank top - Orange top Marineblu - Flats Bimbo & Lola  - 
Orange trim orange print vintage scarf Saks Fifth Avenue 

Unlike every Sunday, today I stayed in the city. On Sundays I am usually out in the sun doing something, anything in the garden. Today, however it was a but different, I had a styling assignment so it was a lot of hours in and out of stores.  How do you usually spend your Sundays ?

Just clicked

Trousers Insight, similar - Nude top George - Zebra print heels Bershka - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli

If there is one thing I enjoy is coming up with a new outfit assembled by garments that have years in the closet, yet they have never been worn together. It's a bit like when you have known someone for years and then suddenly you really get them. 
For instance, today's trousers have been around for seven years and the top for about the same. Shoes are about 5 years old the bag twice that. 
Today they just clicked. 

If I won the lottery

Black and white maxi dress Daisy Fuentes, similar here - Kimono H&M, similar under 30.00 USD here 
Red Gucci like sandals Zara almost identical here - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if you won the lottery ? In my case, I have no idea. I buy lottery like once a year. Honestly I am not one to be thinking "what I would do" if I came into tons of cash. How about you ?

Linking up to Shelbee's

Behind the scenes

Zipper skirt Burberry, here another Burberry option in the same colour under 80.00 USD - Black top DNA
Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Brown, pink and red heels Zayma - Prada Baroque black sunglasses identical here

Sometimes when we look at pictures we only get half of the picture and we have no idea wat is behind the scene you are seeing.  For example the picture above, as most days, its taken in my office parking lot. I am by myself and I can usually hear parrots while I do this. I take about 10 pictures with the camera timer function and then choose what post here from those ten shots. It's very basic as you see. I'd love to know what goes on in your behind the scenes.

Linking up to Shelbee's

New in Jan

January proved to be an interesting month. Here's what came into my closet.

Blue peacock print top Michael Kors thrifted for 7.25 USD. It's see through but I will manage with a tank.

Chelsea black dress from Catherine Malandrino 13.90 SD and Daniel Rainn polka dot dress 10.71 USD. Both on sale !

Black tank top no brand 3.20 USD thrifted. Black trousers with suspenders Metro Style brand 6.40 USD.

A green D&G Lily bag 53.00 USD from a consignment shop. Full purchase story here.

Kate Spade Saturday Drifter ankle trousers13.90 and Black cropped Italian trousers 10.69 USD not pictured

Tory Burch nude tee shirt 4.00 USD and Kate Spade white Toast of Town tee shirt 4.00 USD. Blue Carolina Herrera polo, not pictured 9.00 USD.  I got all of these at the real factory outlets in Peru ;)

Zayma red, brown patent shoes Peru 58.75 USD

Three pairs of earrings and a fake textile collar from Zara, were all gifts. 

Zara collar not pictured

January total 194.80 USD .

January Edits

The first edit of the year is always I something look forward to. Because I always aim at getting rid of loads of items, but why kid myself. 
I got rid of two pairs of shoes. Red ones by Biviel, these date to 2011 and have been worn about 16 times. Back in the day I did not document the cost of my purchases by these were probably 60-70 USD. 
The other pair were these black pumps from Oh Deer ! Worn about 17 times, they were also an online purchase from a time prior to my documenting cost. 

A white tee shirt by Zenana which I am sure I go my money's worth and a Everly brand blue blouse with tags on. I never wore it and its been there for a year. The orange, white and blue top from Marineblu was purchased in July 2012, worn four times, CPW 5.75 USD.

Light blue top by Rachel Ray CPW 0.33 USD and brown printed Merona top around since at least 2011, worn four times. 
Maybe you noticed that some days I have been wearing head bands as I read somewhere that these were back. Well I wore this brown head bland several days in a row and then threw it in my bag and forgot about it.. it broke.

Eight items in one month.