In the closet: September purchases

I started September with new shoes.
I had a credit note from a shoe return last year
(the shoes fell apart after one wear) and I had 
not used it. So, I did with this pair of light grey 
Vince Camuto heels, paid 5.35 USD.

I went into the mall looking for a specific bag I had seen on a local blog.
The bag was sold out, but I picked up other things I had not planned to:

Spense Petite green drawstring dress on sale for 21.40 USD.
Black velvet wrap dress by Anne Klein, also on sale for 21.40 USD.
Black ruched polka dot dress by American Living on sale for 8.55 USD.
Finally a black cardigan with flower appliqués by INC 
International Concepts also on sale, for 13.90 USD.

September Total 70.60 USD

September editions

I continue to edit.
Constantly. It's never ending.
It's become a habit.
This Chadwicks dress dates from 2011, an on line purchase of when colorblocking was "in", 
worn at least 7 times, its going in the bag.
Same for this Mostaza brand strapless dress is preblog and 
in its long life it was only worn twice.
My black puffy sleeve jacket from Mossimo and a pink and blue
striped polo shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. Both items date from the 
year 2009 and have only been worn 4 times each.

The green flats by Vittoria Ferreira purchased in 2014, are stained 
and after over ten wears its time to let go.

5 items for September.
How are your closet edits coming along?

Oh, and on another note, after going through 
my 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 edits, I noticed
that 32% of them have been gifts...

Afterlife: Helmut Lang's new home

In October 2014 I decided to part with the Helmut Lang, made in USA dress.
I had purchased it in a sale a few years back, had taken it home
and after trying it on several times I decided to part with it.
First, I took it to a flea market and tried to sell it. 
I recall a Spanish lady having it in her hand considering the 
purchase, I crossed my fingers, but then she put it 
back in the clothes horse. Afterwards I took it to a local thrift 
boutique and jiggled a little when the shop owner had 
no idea who Helmut Lang was.
It hung in that little thrift boutique for a few months and 
then I picked it up because it did not sell. 
The dress was still "new".
I did not want to give it away - I wanted someone to appreciate it.
Sometime when the dress was in the thrift boutique
Lydia from Chic on the Cheap 
(whom I have been blogging buddies with for years)
emailed me as she liked the dress,
I told her if it did not sell, I would happily send it her way.
Image via
So, when my cousin came over for a wedding I asked him to mail it to her when he was back in NYC - then sometime passed
and the other when I saw her the post I smiled.

I think it was meant to be… she looked fabulous.

Giraffe meets zebra

I fell in love with pattern mixing since I 
first laid my eyes on it years ago.
Black giraffe Merona dress - Zebra print pumps Bershka 
I keep admiring it on many bloggers and 
have made small attempts at what I consider an art, 
because let's be honest, not all pattern mixing works.
It can either go marvellously well
or terribly wrong - there is no "in between".
So in a continuous attempt to mix patterns, 
because if you have been around long enough, 
you'll know I am not one who gives up easily, 
I brought together two animal prints.
My zebra printed heels met my giraffe print dress.
In my opinion it was subtle, so it worked.


I picked this pink ruffled top from my closet.
Burgundy trousers Valerie Bertinelli -  Pink ruffle top Forever 21
It's been a while since I wore it.
I then noticed that although it was a different fabric, 
my pink blazer was almost the same exact colour.
Pink blazer Poetry - Grey heels Vince Camuto
Then it only seemed logical to pair it with my burgundy
trousers which I have been getting my money's worth for
the last couple of weeks.
While I loved the mix of colours: pink+burgundy+grey
I am not a fan of the look.

White on white

Today's inspiration comes from InStyle Magazine, the March 2015 issue.
Image via Instyle March 2015 issue
A simple white on white look with brown accents.
White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren 

I usually don't do white on white.
White top Bbsp Ladies - Nude brown sandals Adolfo Domínguez

The "whites" are never really the 
same: some tend to grey or even yellow.
However I was actually able to find two identical whites.
The difficult part here was keeping those whites clean...
That, I did not accomplish.

So it rained...

Back in the capitol city of Mexico, 
had a few hours to visit to the 
Templo Mayor - an archeological site
in the middle of the city.
Jeans Zara - Black tshirt Danskin - Black gingham jacket Charter Club -
Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Vintage scarf
Had unexpected rain, that did to stop me -
and the vintage scarf I had been wearing came in handy...

Flying back

Today I am flying back from La Paz to Mexico City.
Jeans Zara - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Black tshirt Danskin - Red vintage scarf
The moment I saw this blue sky from my hotel room, 
I knew I had to run out and take a few shots.
It was quiet and warm outside and the pink rocks in the backdrop blew me away.
SO much, that I forgot to leave the door open behind me and when I tried 
to go back into the hotel, I had been locked out.
So, I had to walk around the building in order to get my bags 
and be on my way to the airport.

Sometimes we have no idea what happens before or after taking pictures 
for the blog - have you any stories to share ?

Black Jiraffe dress

I remember this dress was purchased because I
fell in love with it after seeing it on another blogger, 
went online and hit the buy button.
Black giraffe print dress Merona 
Its stretchy thick fabric will not wrinkle,
so it travels beautifully.
 Black patent heels Vince Camuto - Black tote bag Michael Kors
Today its with me on a training in La Paz and
afterwards on to Cabos.


Pattern mix.
Black gingham Jacket Charter Club - Black trousers Zara - Red print ruffle top Zara 
I kept my packing minimal for this business trip,
even though it included very cool weather days in
Mexico City and very hot and sunny days on the coast.
Black patent shoes Zara - Black tote bag Michael Kors
I'm just layering, today its:
Black and white gingham, polka dots and flowers.

What a long week.

In La Paz

As I continue my work trip, today I am in
La Paz, Mexico. 

Black trousers Zara - Red print ruffle top - Black patent flats Zara - Black tote bag Michael Kors
Its my first time here, I have to admit that I had to 
google it before purchasing my ticket.
Its beautiful.

After hours

So you are in a foreign country for work.
Black trousers Zara - Red printed ruffle top Zara - Black patent shoes Zara - Black gingham jacket Charter Club
Up since six in the morning.
Take a taxi at 8 and arrive to your scheduled 
appointment a little earlier -
 Meeting is all about numbers, forecasts, promotions and so on
for a few hours.
Vintage scarf
Then on to the market visit, intense day, moving through traffic
from place to place.
When the day is finally over and you're beat,
what do you do ?
Me ?
I went to the well known "Lucha Libre" , Mexican wrestling!
It was a great idea.

Jeans and Chambray

I have seen it on magazines, 
blogs and on the streets: jeans and chambray.
Jeans Zara - Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Black sweater Benetton -
Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Black tote Michael Kors 
However it was a combo I was uncertain of, 
which is why I had not tried it.
In my head these two don't look good together.
They just don't work.
So, I put together this super comfortable combo for my trip to 
the Federal Capital of Mexico, as it would go unnoticed.

I was really surprised at how well it worked.

In fact I might just give it another try when I am back home.
Do you wear chambray and jeans together ?

Up and down

Hair up...
Boyfriend jeans DKNY - White top Bbsp Ladies  - Silver flats Zara 
Hair down.
Happy Friday !

After the all nighter

I was so tired after pulling the all nighter
yesterday that I had to force myself out the
door in order to get some things done.

Pink shorts Lacoste - Striped pink and blue polo Tommy Hilfiger 
Black toe flats Zara - Black tote Michael Kors
I literally threw on the first thing I came across.
Which happened to be the same 
polo shirt I had on yesterday…
and its the last time you're seeing me wear it.