White on white

Today's inspiration comes from InStyle Magazine, the March 2015 issue.
Image via Instyle March 2015 issue
A simple white on white look with brown accents.
White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren 

I usually don't do white on white.
White top Bbsp Ladies - Nude brown sandals Adolfo Domínguez

The "whites" are never really the 
same: some tend to grey or even yellow.
However I was actually able to find two identical whites.
The difficult part here was keeping those whites clean...
That, I did not accomplish.


Cheryl van den Berg said...

Love the detail on your top. White on white is really great in the spring and summer, but I love seeing it in the fall too.


Sheila said...

Very elegant, though! I think you got the right spirit of Ms. Birkin!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Head-to-toe white looks stellar on you, dear Lorena. It usually washes me out, but you have the gorgeous colouring needed to make it sing for sure.

♥ Jessica

Mica T said...

haha that's why I don't wear white much, I'm too clumsy! You look great though!

Away From The Blue Blog

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha, darn whites, always getting dirty! loving the white with brown, so classic