May Closet edits

I feel terrible when I am doing my monthly purchases 
and closet edit posts at the end of the month and see that 
I have bought way more than I have let go. 
This is one of those months.

Faith 21 dress, it's just began to fall apart.
Faith 21 is from Forever 21 and honestly it's the first item
that I have bought from them that this has happened to.
They usually get a rant of having bad quality clothing, however
in my experience with their garments, its not that bad - 
so this was quite a surprise.

Black DKNY jeans are also leaving.
They are so tight and they have stretched out in the area near the zipper.
Bought them sometime around 2010, have been with me on multiple trips.
I have worn these about thirty times, through thick and thin as you can see:

This last look is my favourite.

The pictures were just to keep you entertained, I only got rid of two items.

Shame on me.

May Purchases

This month's purchases:

Vince Camuto black patent pumps for 59.99 USD.
I needed a pair of black pumps.

Kelsey Dagger grey and yellow pumps for 39.99 USD.
I loved the unusual combination here, plus I have a rule regarding shoes.
Whenever a colored shoe leaves the closet, never replace it with the same
color shoe. That way I oblige myself to come up with other 
combinations with outfits. Helps creativity flow.

Two striped dresses (probably fro Gap) for 9.99 USD each.

Intensity brand sleeveless white lace detail for 5.99 USD

Save the Twinkie t-shirt for 10.00 USD.
I love Twinkies and practically mourned when they could not 
be found on the shelf.

A Willi Smith pair of shorts, that are the perfect length for 7.99 USD.

A natural water pearl combo of: necklace, bracelet and earrings, all three for 20.00 USD - purchased in Bolivia.

White and black turbans for 1.95 USD each, I had been hunting for these.

Also picked up two belts, on sale one for 1.59 USD and the other for 2.09 USD.

Finally a Mango Casual MNG military green jumper on sale for 6.99 USD.
I tried it on because it seemed like an unusual piece and I automatically 
fell in love with it.

 May total was 190.03 USD.

Eau de Lacoste

These days I am wearing a perfume by Lacoste,
it's the first perfume I have used from them.

I love the little round shaped bottle that reminds me of a tennis ball.
The scent is floral, which is quite pleasant.
The only issue is it does not last, I apply generously in the 
morning and by the time I get to work its gone, 
I can't even smell it on my own arm.
So, this is one you won't see me shopping for.

Mint sweater

I picked up this mint sweater from Zara in February 2012.

Mint sweater Zara - Brown jeans Style & Co. - Franco Sarto brown flats - Grey bag
I remember seeing it in the store and thinking
that I needed a mint coloured item, plus the
price of 25.95 USD fit the bill.

Now, at ten wears later I think its begun to look a little shabby.

Mint scalloped bracelets Kate Spade like
Now, I can only wonder, how long is a sweater supposed to last ?

Two thousand

A post or two ago, I reached the 
insane amount of two thousand posts.
Yellow and blue striped dress (could be GAP) - Grey suede flats Zara -
Grey bag - vintage necklace
Little did I know that in my almost five years of blogging,
I would have these many posts.

Yet, here I am.

Did I think I would be here five years later ?

Not really ;)

A good stripe

A few days ago I was going through the 
September 2013 issue of In Style magazine
and came across this ad for Banana Republic.

Oh, how I love a good stripe.

Ship 'n' Shore red and black stripe shirt - Apt 9 Black skirt -
Moleca black suede shoes - Black bag Roberto Cavalli

I automatically remembered a new to me vintage striped
button down shirt bought on a trip to Virginia that has 
not been worn..

Finally wore it, however I realised the sleeves are long
and the shirt is a little big.

We'll see if its a keeper or not.

An old bag

I have been doing or at least attempting 
to clean out my bag closet.

Striped dress H&M - Flats Marc Fisher -
Black blazer Nine West - Black and cream bag
While in the midst of it all, I encountered 
several long, lost, forgotten bags.

This black and cream string bag was one of them.

It's over 10 years old and its the first time that 
I have worn it in the last 5 years.
I was ready to throw it in the give away bag, 
however I am now having second thoughts.


During my short vacation I came across an 
old abandoned wooden home.

Saltworks jeans -  Pink turtle neck Merona - H&M grey sneakers 

Of course I had to take a picture here.
The picture also reminded me of why I
should not wear turtle cowl necks.

Cherry Polka

While in Bolivia, one of my customers
had her nails done in a really fun design:
it was polka dots and cherries.

I took a picture and saved it for later.

Later was last week, when I showed up at the salon with the picture
and got my own cherry polka nails done.

They're a bit striking and too artsy for work, however
this week I do not see any customers, so I can 
get away with it ;)


Visited a place that is close to my heart.

Jeans Saltworks - Tank top - Cardigan Calvin Klein -
Sneakers H&M - Scarf H&M
I use to spend summers here while growing up.

Now, I don't visit as often as I'd like to.

But, its changed so much that I am not sure if I want to keep coming 
back and see it like this, or just stay away and preserve in my memory
the way it use to be - 

The dragon

As you may or may not have noticed, 
I have not been around much.

Striped dress H&M - Black animal print flats Mootsy Tootsy

Well, it's been a little crazy and in addition to that, at work I 
was reminded that I have a lot of vacations days overdue.

So, I am kind of having to take days off.

So, I have been on the road.

These were taken in a little plaza that celebrates Chinese 
presence in my country.