May Closet edits

I feel terrible when I am doing my monthly purchases 
and closet edit posts at the end of the month and see that 
I have bought way more than I have let go. 
This is one of those months.

Faith 21 dress, it's just began to fall apart.
Faith 21 is from Forever 21 and honestly it's the first item
that I have bought from them that this has happened to.
They usually get a rant of having bad quality clothing, however
in my experience with their garments, its not that bad - 
so this was quite a surprise.

Black DKNY jeans are also leaving.
They are so tight and they have stretched out in the area near the zipper.
Bought them sometime around 2010, have been with me on multiple trips.
I have worn these about thirty times, through thick and thin as you can see:

This last look is my favourite.

The pictures were just to keep you entertained, I only got rid of two items.

Shame on me.


Kim Alston said...

Sometimes it's hard to let go of things. Much easier to buy! HAHAHA

LyddieGal said...

Two is better than nothing, and usually you take out a ton, so don't feel bad, maybe it means you have finally gotten rid of most of the things you no longer love.
Chic on the Cheap

ana said...

I agree the last look is awesome but if they have to go they have to go