April's purchases

During the month of April my purchases 
were accessories and shoes.

I saw these fun Kate Spade like enamel bracelets months ago and
it was just now that I went back for them, at 1.49 USD each.

Two happy Buddha head bracelets for 3.00 USD each from a local fair.

Black enamel and stud like ring for 1.98 USD.

A pair of green flats Vitoria Ferreira for 4.99 USD.

A pair of Rassi aqua shoes for 6.99 USD for doing the garden now 
that the rain is finally coming.

Brown flats from Franco Sarto 49.99 USD

My April total is 80.80 USD.

April editions

Here it is, another month of closet edits,
this is what left the closet:

My Insolite Paris shirt, it's been around for at least 10 years.
Worn just 3 times, it never fit quite well.

Yellow Da Moda top worn on the blog 5 times.
A little faded and I don't wear it enough.
I also admit its a little tight.

Yellow cardigan by Laura Petites, worn 4 times in almost five years and 
I have to admit that I am not a fan of short sleeve cardigans.

My Mossimo grey tank top, its just in bad shape and I
never wear it.

My Merona jean shorts.
Worn 4 times on the blog since 2009 and at least
5 more times off the blog on weekends for gardening.
They have always been tight.

Also gone are my Da Moda by Periority bermudas.
Low waisted, not the best fit.

Worn twice on the blog once in 2009 and the other in 2011.
TO thees brown suede trousers' defense, they are suede and I live
in a tropical climate… however they were tight. 

My blue striped Sweet Lady dress.
Purchased August 2011 for 10.99 USD, worn 4-5
times... I got an ice cream stain on it I could not get rid off.
So, I am letting it go.

My H&M flats, purchased in New York for 12.95 USD back in February 2012.
Worn at least 15 times for doing a lot of walking, my cost per wear was
about 0.85 cents.

Zapatinho de Luxo pink shoes, purchased in Brazil 2011 for about 50 bucks.
Scuffed, just had to let them go.

Also leaving are these Michael Kors red flats. 
They were a hand me down, however they hurt my foot.
Off they go.

Black bead bracelet, it began to fall apart and it was just taking up space.

A Mickey Mouse animal print hair pony tail band.

Another item that was falling apart was this black glitter clutch I loved.
It was a purchase from Payless, so it was easy letting go. 

For April: 14 items

The red stripe cardigan

The red striped cardigan I am wearing today has
been on the verge of being given away at least three times.

Liz Claiborne jeans - Feline top  - Innovativi wedges 

However, somehow it always goes back into rotation.

Red stripe cardigan - Tan bag Carolina Herrera 
The moment it's about to go into the give away bag
I find something else to pair it with.
Something it has not been paired with before.

Invicta vintage watch
Like today...


I was quite happy to read that mint is still a trending colour.

Mint skirt Worthington - Insolite Paris shirt - Grey suede flats Zara 
In order to "celebrate" this special moment, I chose to pick 
out clothing in this shade and paired them together.

Mint sweater Zara 
It's not like I was going to get rid of any of the items I own in this tone.

Vintage rhinestone necklace
Just celebrating mint, that somehow looks like light blue in the pictures.


The tree known as "guayacán" is one of my favourites.

This one is close to where I live and 
they happen to be blooming right now.
As soon as I saw it, I had to stop the car,
get off and take a picture.
When I looked around I realized that I was not 
the only one doing this, quite a spectacle. 

Smooth seas

"A smooth sea, never made a skilled sailor..."

GAP jeans - white vintage belt - Yellow tank top Basic Editions - Striped short sleeve jacket Nathalie B. -
Blue suede flats Zara - Tan bag Carolina Herrera 
... or so they say.

Pom Pom

Time to take out the pom pom dress again.

Black dress pink pom poms DIY - Black flats Jessica Simpson - Straw bag 
It use to be a plain black dress that I added pom poms to, 
wore it, loved it and then never wore it again.

This happens a lot.

I get all excited about something, get it done
and then just find something else to do.
I never stop to actually enjoy that which I 
have accomplished, I need to start doing that.


It's been forever since I wore a corsage.

White skirt Nine West - Grey tank - Pink blazer Poetry silver flats Zara 
Last time I wore a corsage was probably for prom night.
I went to prom with a friend because  the guy I really wanted 
to go with said no - can you believe that ?
A guy turn down a girl for going to prom.

So, it was more like a friendly prom.
However, I cannot complaint, I had fun.

Balmain like

Perusing another blog I came across
this little blue skirt from Balmain which 
is apparently sold out.

When I saw it, it reminded me of my own 
blue skirt from To The Max, worn two or three
times over the last five years.

Blue pencil skirt To The Max - Sailor like top Feline -
Red shoes Biviel - Tan bag Carolina Herrera
Decided to wear it today.

Even though its a bit tighter than before.
I am just thankful it fits.

Mambo !

My new vintage ruffly sleeve top got some
attention today.
White skirt Nine West - Turquoise top vintage  -
Grey flats Zara - Tan bag Carolina Herrera
While someone complimented me on it, 

another shouted out "Mambo!" and 
started shaking the shoulders and danced around.
It's ok you can laugh, I did.


Once you become fearless...

Mint skirt Worthington - Black flower blouse Escada -
Tan bag Carolina Herrera - Black suede shoes Moleca 

Life becomes limitless.

Cups & Saucers

If you are ever cleaning out your house and I'm 
around, it's very likely that I will take 
something you are throwing out. 

This is exactly what happened when these saucers and cups
where on their way to the trash can. 
They were detoured and used as tiny planters.


You may know I am a House of Cards fan.

Dress Fire - Innovativi wedges - Carolina Herrera tan bag
The other day while watching reruns, I heard a quote 
that's stayed in my head...

"I don't shackle myself to people I don't know".

The Oxford

Today we decided to take a walk.
Scarf print top Feline - Pink shorts Lacoste - Silver flats Zara 

Nothing far from home, just a few blocks to 
where the Oxford School is.

Tan bag Carolina Herrera 
It was marvelous as the city was empty because it seems like
everyone left to the beach for the long weekend.

I was quite happy to have stayed in the city for the weekend.

Because, yes I am the type who enjoys a calm, quiet place.
They're just so hard to come by these days !

Almost over

You're gonna think there is something wrong with me...
but, I am actually looking forward for it to begin to rain.
We cannot take this drought much longer.

Jeans Liz Claiborne - MNG Mango top - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole - Innovativi wedges 

Summer is almost over... yay!

The Prada top

I've had this Prada top for quite a few years.

Da Moda bermuda shorts - Prada white top -
Innovativi wedges - Kenneth Cole teal sunglasses
It's light, comfortable and can be dressed
up or down, depending on the need.

Today, it went with me to work.
I think I need to wear it more.