Cups & Saucers

If you are ever cleaning out your house and I'm 
around, it's very likely that I will take 
something you are throwing out. 

This is exactly what happened when these saucers and cups
where on their way to the trash can. 
They were detoured and used as tiny planters.


Jane Droll said...

what a cute idea! fabulous!

i have been re-purposing old things as planters, too. teapots are so cute with succulents in them!

Mica T said...

That is such a great idea! it looks adorable too! :) Always nice to reuse things and give them a second life! :)

Away From Blue

Closet Fashionista said...

So cute!! It's definitely a great idea! I do love using old things for new purposes :)

Kim Alston said...

That's a really CUTE idea! I'm going to try that.