2014 Purchases vs Edits

First of all, I did not stay within my own budget.
Exactly 610.83 USD over.

The items I purchased the most were:
 shoes 18, tops 18 and dresses 13.

The items I purchased the least of were:
Brooches / pins 1 and, shorts and trousers 2 of each.
Must admit I was quite surprised about the trousers.


I try to edit monthly, it just works better for me.
This year I edited about 136 pieces.
For the first time ever I sold some of the garments
in a local flea market, which was kind of fun.
I had hoped to edit more, but it just did not happen.

If I go by category, the items I let go most of were tops.
These include shirts, tshirts, sweater and it was 27 of them.
Also shoes, I gave away 17 pairs of shoes.
Dresses came in third, with 15 pieces.

I was quite surprised at purchasing 2 trousers but giving away 11.
I think it has to do with the fact that my weight fluctuation
just made me get rid of a lot of them.

Giving it a positive twist, more items left the closet (136 pieces)
than entered it (97 pieces).

For 2015, I'd like to get rid of at least 200 pieces
and stay within a 1,500.00 USD budget.

I guess, I'll just have to wait and see how that works out.

In December I shopped..

December shopping.
It's always terrifying what could happen while you 
shop for gifts and come across things for yourself.

This time around, knowing I had a last minute wedding to attend, 
I shopped for formal gowns. I could not make up my mind, 
so when I found three dresses that fit well and were fairly priced, 
I went for all three.
The one above is a good copy of the Marchesa bow dress from a 
few years ago, this one by JS Group cost 59.99 USD.

I also purchased this JS Boutique dress with pockets for 59.99 USD.
I was happy when I googled all of these dresses and these were being 
sold on line for double the price I paid.

A gunmetal colour gown from Betsy and Adam, on sale for 69.99 USD.
This is the first time ever I have been able to purchase a long
dress and wear it right off the rack without any alterations.

Wera Stockholm skirt, picked up at a thrift shop in Krakow 
for about 5.00 USD.

Finally a pair of blue Not Your Daughter's Jeans NYDJ for 12.99 USD.

Total for the month was 222.17 USD

December's Closet Edits

With so much going on, December is usually not a 
good month for closet edits, nevertheless some got done.

First were a pair of pearl hoop earrings I purchased last month.
I loved them but they were really heavy, so I gave them away.

Also gone were a pair of plastic rose earrings.
To be honest I have several pairs of yellow flower earrings.

A mood ring, it was too big and I never wore it.

A gold tone stainless steel Tous bear like necklace.

Silver tone and black rhinestone earrings, I have several ones that look alike.

My new BCBG grey pumps purchased in October 2014.
Worn 3 times before they began to fall apart, 
I returned them to the store.

Black patent Guess wedges, worn 6 times in five years.

Brand new black Geox pumps bought in October 2014.
I was so excited they were on sale I did not realise they
were not my size, that is until I tried them on :(

Another item leaving in a green sleeveless Adiva top.

A blue satin like cardigan by Yessica.

Mint like Calvin Klein jeans cardigan, cut was not flattering and cardigans have 
not been my favourites lately.
I use to wear it a lot - it's been worn 10 times in the last 5 years.

Black My Michelle skirt, it seemed a little too costumey
and has been worn once in five years.

That's it: 12 items for December.

Back to 2010

What would you say if I told you that this dress
was last worn in 2010 ?

Grey dress Famosa - Teal Clutch - Silver belt vintage - Silver flats Zara 
How does a dress hang in a closet for so long ?
How is it overlooked during closet edits ?

I'm test driving it again.

What do you think, would you keep it ?

Adiva says goodbye

Yet another post for an item that's
leaving the closet, this time around my 
green Adiva top.

It was a gift, been around since 2012.

Green top Adiva - Blue trousers Jones New York -
Blue suede flats Zara - Green tote bag Tommy Hilfiger
Looking back at how I have worn it before,
I realised that none of the looks enchant me.

Maybe today is the best look I have been able to
accomplish with this top - so as you have probably f
figured out by now, I'm letting go.

Here's how I have worn it before:


Blue dress over + over

Yet another dress you will continue to see
day after day - for the next few days.

Color Collection blue dress - Brown belt H&M - Green tote bag Tommy Hilfiger - Silk on Shoes flats
The dress was purchased in September 2012.
It has not been worn that much, I just realised it has a
few snags on the fabric and I've decided to part with it.
It kind of sucks because I really liked it and it's such 
a comfortable item to wear.
Here is how it has been worn before, all 16.99 USD of it ;)


I'm hoping to get cost per wear down from 3.39 USD 
to a little less before its tossed in the bag.

What to watch

I've fallen in a Netflix rut.
DKNY jean dress - Silk on Shoes flats - Green tote bag Tommy Hilfiger
I've watched Hemlock Grove, House of Cards, 
Scandal, Dexter, White Collar, Suits and a few more.
However now I can't seem to find something to watch
and am currently on Season 2 of Gossip Girl.

Suggestions anyone ?

A wedding on the 26th

As if December was not a busy enough month… 

We attended a wedding on the 26th.

Gunmetal dress Betsy & Adam - Silver clutch envelope H&M
I received several compliments on the dress, which I had 
purchased for the occasion.

Rhinestone bracelets Forever 21
The day after I received a text from an attendee who said I had won the 
"best dressed" person at the wedding - if there had been a contest
and just now a friend who missed the wedding asked me to send
her a picture of the dress because someone else had told her 
that my dress was so amazing, that she had to see it.

Vintage ring
Little did I know the dress would make such an impact.
Although I must admit that when went out to purchase the dress for
this wedding, that was exactly what I aimed for ;)

Seasonal eating

It's the season to eat more than usual.
White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Adiva Green top -  Silk on Shoes flats -
Green tote bag Tommy Hilfiger - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole
To have lunch twice a day and repeat on desserts.

It's also the time to order pizza or boneless, well 
because you're fed up with all that turkey and ham..

I've done all of the above and then some.

Swarovski bracelet
It's all fun and games ...

Coin earrings

until the jeans don't fit no more :(