December's Closet Edits

With so much going on, December is usually not a 
good month for closet edits, nevertheless some got done.

First were a pair of pearl hoop earrings I purchased last month.
I loved them but they were really heavy, so I gave them away.

Also gone were a pair of plastic rose earrings.
To be honest I have several pairs of yellow flower earrings.

A mood ring, it was too big and I never wore it.

A gold tone stainless steel Tous bear like necklace.

Silver tone and black rhinestone earrings, I have several ones that look alike.

My new BCBG grey pumps purchased in October 2014.
Worn 3 times before they began to fall apart, 
I returned them to the store.

Black patent Guess wedges, worn 6 times in five years.

Brand new black Geox pumps bought in October 2014.
I was so excited they were on sale I did not realise they
were not my size, that is until I tried them on :(

Another item leaving in a green sleeveless Adiva top.

A blue satin like cardigan by Yessica.

Mint like Calvin Klein jeans cardigan, cut was not flattering and cardigans have 
not been my favourites lately.
I use to wear it a lot - it's been worn 10 times in the last 5 years.

Black My Michelle skirt, it seemed a little too costumey
and has been worn once in five years.

That's it: 12 items for December.

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