What to watch

I've fallen in a Netflix rut.
DKNY jean dress - Silk on Shoes flats - Green tote bag Tommy Hilfiger
I've watched Hemlock Grove, House of Cards, 
Scandal, Dexter, White Collar, Suits and a few more.
However now I can't seem to find something to watch
and am currently on Season 2 of Gossip Girl.

Suggestions anyone ?


Jane Droll said...

this dress is so cute, too!

i am not sure if it is on netflix yet, but i REALLY loved the tv series fargo, and the hbo tv series true detective. the killing (a tv series) is also good -- very well shot, but sometimes the story line is frustrating. but i still liked it. orange is the new black is very popular in the u.s., but i didn't like it. one of my favorite series ever, which i plan to re-watch and savor all over again is bleak house. i also loved the hannibal tv series (although it is very scary and very violent!). i could go on and on, but i'll stop now!

Kim Alston said...

i'm currently watching game of thrones. it's VERY interesting! LOL Also downton abbey, but that is on PBS. I love your dress. The details are so pretty!