October purchases

October has come to and end
and here's what I bought.

A bright, beautiful Kate Spade bag (southport avenue linda, flame)
 that I did not need,  on sale for 154.08 USD 
plus shipping and taxes (add 25.00USD)

A hand made straw bracelet with bronze details from 
Colombia for 15.00 USD.

Also from Colombia a pair of burgundy tassel heels from Koaj, 
on sale for the sum of 26.63 USD.

Also picked up some accessories while picking up a gift for a friend.
That tends to happen.
One of them was a sideways turquoise cross on a gold tone chain for 7.00 USD.

Also a black leather like bracelet with big rhinestones on sale for 
about 17.00 USD.

A beautiful pleated dress from Forever 21, for 9.99 USD.

An Antonio Melani "Wesley" dress on sale for 9.99 USD.

A white dress with stars from Bisou Bisou for 9.99 USD.

A horse print jumper from Millibon USA for 7.99 USD

A pair of much needed black not so short Worthington short for 5.99.

A white cotton t-shirt from St. John's Bay for 5.99 USD

A pair of beige jeans by Not Your Daughter's Jeans.
It was love at first try - for 9.99 USD.

Walk of shame: 310.52 USD

October editions

I get excited when I see that many items leave my closet.
It gives me a fake sense of liberation.
I say fake, because I usually buy things throughout the 
month - usually more than I let go.
Sure, I have said that I would try to buy only
when I let go of a similar item.
However this has not happened yet.

My edits for this month include a Liz Claiborne high waisted trouser 
fit pair of jeans - they just did not fit well. Period.

Another pair of Liz Claiborne trousers, this time a black pair.
Purchased in August 2011 for the sum of 5.99 USD.
Worn about 4-5 times in this time. 
It's high waisted and I think
meant for someone taller... plus when I 
looked back at the pictures of me wearing it, 
I was not that happy on the fit.

Bye, bye to a Junction West cardigan.

A light green tank top from Mossimo also left.

Also my very old black lace flats from Pecadora.

My teal Chinese Laundry pumps. They were really scuffed....

My Daniblack shoes.
They were originally blue but I dyed them... 
got a ton of wear out of them however they need to go.

My Le Sportsac flats. They're basically falling apart
as you can tell.

The brown Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals needed a
well deserved retirement.

In October 9 items left my closet.
How many items left yours ?

Intensive care

My camera fell.
Lens got jammed.
Took it to the Canon repair center.

Brown turtleneck Zara - Brown jeans Style & Co. - Tassel belt self made - Me Too leopard print flats - Kate Spade bag
It's in intensive care.
It will most likely be more expensive to repair
than for me to buy a new camera :(

I hate you planned obsolescence.

Coconut earrings

As I searched the drawers this morning trying to
find a small pair of earrings I saw them...

JCB Ltd. black dress - Anne Taylor Loft beige jacket -  
Viviene Westwood for Melissa bow black flats -  Kate Spade bag
My earrings made out of coconut.

I bought them over 10 years ago in Venezuela. 

Always thought they were pretty raw, 
something maybe a 
cro magnon woman would have worn.
Which is the reason I liked them.

Early Christmas gift

Weeks ago I bought on sale
my Christmas gift from me, to me ;)

H&M flower top - Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 -
Pink heels  - Kate Spade bag
I treated myself to a bright Kade Spade bag.

It was an on line purchase and when the box arrived and after I did 
my happy dance and opened it...

Realised it was way bigger than imagined and a lot brighter. A lot.

However, since it was an item on sale..
No returns allowed.

Converse nails

I've wanted to have my nails done
in "Converse" style for a while now.

In fact, it was on my nail art Pinterest board,
today I finally had the time to get it done.

They may not be perfect... but 
I am having so much fun sporting them.

Are you adventurous with your nails ?

Thumbs down

The minute I hesitated in front of the mirror
should have been the moment to change
to another top.

Desigual skirt - sweater New York & Co. - Kenneth Cole Reaction black wedges
But, I was late and I just needed to get to work.

The top was just too frumpy, bulky, too big...
I kept on tugging on it all day long.
Sometimes you should "follow" your hesitations.
Yes, I should have changed.

Jacket & sandals

Clothes are originally supposed to serve a purpose.
Covering, providing warmth and protection 
amongst other things.

Liz Claiborne jeans - Brown turtleneck Zara - Apt 9 brown Jacket -
Brown sandals Kenneth Cole Reaction
So, if I chose to wear a jacket, you'd think that it's
because it's a little chillier. Consequently I should chose
shoes that are also for the expected weather...

Well, not really.

Jacket and sandals it is.

The brown jeans

These brown jeans have been in the closet for a while.

Style & Co brown jeans - Leopard print shirt Antilia Femme - Black Flats Presumida
They get some wear, but  if they were just a bit shorter 
I might just wear them more because I would not be
limited to wearing them with just heels.

So, I took them to the seamstress and I think that it was 
the right thing to do !

Here's how I have worn them before:

Worn last in 2009

Last time this jacket made it out of the closet was in 2009
and the tank top was last worn in 2010.

Liz Claiborne black trousers - Light green tank Mossimo -
White shirt sleeve jacket Best brand  - Daniblack black shoes 
The trousers were purchased 2 years ago and 
worn a max of 5 times ... as you can see the fit 
is not the most flattering.

As you can only imagine I was not happy
with this outfit's outcome, although at the end 
it sent two pieces to the give away bag:
the tank and the trousers.

The jacket I'll deal with later.

Blog reading

Lately I have not been able to read a lot of blogs.

    Black and white checkered jacket Charter Club - Black dress JBS Ltd. - Black flats Sam Edelman
In fact my reader almost hit 300...
I should have more time, as I am out of school but
for some reason, there never seems to be enough of it.

One black shirt

You may have noticed - or not, that last week I wore the same
black button down shirt to work: every single day.
I would have died at the thought of this many years ago, 
now I give myself the luxury of not caring.

I did not tell anyone I was going to do this.
I wondered if anyone would notice, 
wondered if anyone would say anything.
But... nobody did.

Liz Claiborne jeans

This morning as I got ready for work all I knew 
was that I wanted to wear jeans.

Liz Claiborne jeans - Coach brown wedges -
Black button down shirt Da Moda by Periority - Forever 21 Cardigan
My first intent was a pair of high waisted 
Liz Claiborne petites (left).

As you can see they (on the left) look so odd. 
How they fall on the thighs and also at the seam ...

I decided to change into another pair of Liz Claiborne jeans 
and decided to let the odd fitting pair go.

Velvet in Summer

Most people would be horrified at the thought of wearing a 
velvet garment in the summer.
Black trousers Sigried Olsen  - Black button down shirrt Da Moda by Periority
- Snake print wedges Jessica Simpson - Purple suede jacket George

In my case it's perfect as my office a/c is set to Alaskan temperatures

I am coming down with a cold.

Then again, all I needed was an excuse to wear this old friend.