Thumbs down

The minute I hesitated in front of the mirror
should have been the moment to change
to another top.

Desigual skirt - sweater New York & Co. - Kenneth Cole Reaction black wedges
But, I was late and I just needed to get to work.

The top was just too frumpy, bulky, too big...
I kept on tugging on it all day long.
Sometimes you should "follow" your hesitations.
Yes, I should have changed.


Shybiker said...

Until I read your words, I didn't notice how the top fit 'cause I was too entranced by its color -- which is not only gorgeous but picks up the color of the flower in the skirt. To me, it's perfect, but I'm sure to you, it was too loose and uncomfortable. It's surprising how often something can look good in pictures but not feel right in person.

Anonymous said... the color. That's what I saw first too, but yes, I can see what you mean, it's kind of a lot of volume for the skirt. I still think you look lovely, and I wouldn't have noticed or thought anything negative about this look had you not pointed it out. ;)

Lisa said...

You always look lovely, but I do understand that if you don't feel good, you don't feel that you look good. We all have those days.
I do think the color is beautiful on you.
I think you cans still pull off this tip with a more fitted bottom...but you still look pretty this way too.

Kim Alston said...

i think it looks good! lorena, you have me scheduling an appointment with the eye doctor, because what i see an what you see is totally different. lol but if you're uncomfortable, do what you must.

LyddieGal said...

Oh dear, yes that is a problem! But at least the color went well with the flower, right?
Chic on the Cheap

Judy C said...

I love the outfit. The color is fabulous. But I agree that the top needs to be a lot smaller for a good fit. In spite of that, the color looks great on you.

Jane Droll said...

i had this problem yesterday. i kept changing outfits and finally had to just leave the house and get to work. UGH. i hated what i was wearing -- all day long. annoying!!!!! it is better for me to plan my outfit the night before, but i rarely do that. annoying!!!!! i need to, as it makes the morning time much less stressful and way more successful!

Jessica Cangiano said...

That colour of this shirt is really, really terrific! I love it with the hues in the skirt, as well as how that shade makes me think instantly of flowers and then, boom, there's a giant bloom on your skirt. It all partners so well together (and looks beautiful on you, fear not).

♥ Jessica

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

It is not bad, though it might not seem perfect. I think a perfect-fit Tee would look great with this Gorgeous Skirt. The Orchid Color of that Top is Stunning, though.