July Buys

I picked up a couple of items during July.
Some in local stores and all Forever 21 items
and Etsy via on line shopping.

Figured I needed some colour and picked up a 
green LuckyCom blouse.

Also bough the same blouse in yellow for 8.99 USD each.

From Forever 21 a periwinkle cut out blouse, on sale 13.99 USD.

Via Forever 21 a white and rhinestone blouse for 15.99 USD

From Forever 21 a Red heart light sweater for 17.80 USD

Forever 21, white thick fabric top on sale for 11.99 USD

Even though I am having space issues with my accessories as
I have nowhere to keep them, I decided to add 2 more
necklaces to the problem :)
One elephant pendant necklace for 3.99 USD and 
a textile grey necklace for 2.99 USD.

If I bought 2 necklaces, well why not just buy 
a third bulky pearl one to take up even more space!
This one from Naturabel with matching earrings for 12.99 USD.
I had been looking for a chunky pearl necklace for a while now
and this one fit the bill.

I had been looking at these animal multiple rings forever just had 
to have them. Cost 3.80 USD
They're so cute! 

More stackable rings, these gold tone and black heart 
ones were also from Forever 21. Cost 4.80 USD

The ear cuff. I have yet to figure out how
to wear it... 3.80 USD

Via Etsy 
Customized name wire pin, think it went 
for about 8.50 USD

Tiny hearts necklace (gift from mom)

Big round sunglasses 5.80 USD via Forever 21

A hair bow comb could be a nice accent to add to 
a bun and picked one up for 1.00 USD

Cupcake phone charm for 3.50 USD via Forever 21

I had been looking for nice flip flops like forever.
So when I came across these 2 You silver starfish flip flops for 3.99 USD,
it seemed like a good idea to take them home.

Same as a pair of SODA black flip flops for 12.99 USD

A pair of black flats from Sam Edelman for 84.53 USD seemed a little high, but
when I think of how much I wear a simple black pair of flats, I am sure that I will be getting a low cost per wear.

July total 227.32 USD

July editions

This was a busy month.
I did not have time for much
but I did get some editing done.
Got rid of my striped Realities oversized top.
It has a hole in it and it is not just oversized, 
it's just too big for me. 
This is what happens when you are in a hurry and
buy garments without trying them on.

My yellow vintage skirt also went to the giveaway pile.
I altered it (myself!)
Worn only twice, it was not doing me any favors.

I had my cousin over from the US for a few days and
while going through my jewellery I let go of one
pair of silver Tous earrings and a magnetic bracelet/necklace.
I hope she gets a lot of wear from them.

Off went my Lela Rose for Payless shoes.
I must confess they are a 5 1/2 and I am a 6.
They tortured my feet every time I wore them.
This is what happens when you want something 
but they don't have in on your size and you 
still want to buy it.

A pair of shoes that found a new home are my black Fluevogs.
Yes, they were comfortable, yes they were nice but I never wore them.
I tried but somehow they never went into regular rotation.

Also, decided to sell my new unworn burgundy Bandolino
loafers for 20.00 USD - happens I bought them in
November 2012 and just never worn them.

While going through my belts I discovered
that my purple patent belt was peeling and
that I had a black belt that just looked cheap.
Off they went.

9 items.

How are your closet edits coming along ?

Mutliple rings

If you had me chose between buying a pair of earrings, 
necklace or ring, I'd probably chose the ring.

Liz Claiborne top - Polo Ralph Lauren trousers - Kenneth Cole Reaction black wedges -
Kenneth Cole Reaction purple bag 
Rings are my favourites: wood, gold, leather, silver, stainless steel, 
beaded, textile, glass, ceramic, new, vintage - I have no preference.

Even though I have several of them I seldom wear more
than two at a time. That is until today.

I had been on the hunt for a set of rings that looked the same 
so I could wear them on all my fingers.
Found these gold toned heart ones on Forever21.com and decided to buy them.
I wore them and loved them - then a girl from my teaching class 
looked at my hands and said "you're wearing many rings" I smiled 
and said "yes". She remained silent.

I could hear crickets...

Do you like the multiple ring trend ?

One Color

Another inspired by look from the pages of 
InStyle's 2013 April issue.

Wear one color from head to toe.

Pink jeans Papaya - Pink cardigan Estefania
- Pink and black star top H&M - Silver flats Zara 
Even though the magazine features bright bold colors,
I chose to go with all pink.

Mostly because I realized that I don't own that 
many bright bottoms.

Have you dressed from head to toe in one color ?

My office

I am lucky enough to work with a small group
of professionals. 

Blue skirt no brand - Green blouse Lucky - Red shoes 

Not only are they professionals but they are also amazing people.
Straight, honest, good natured, fair, humble ... 

They don't know about the blog, so I'm not sucking up :)
Oh, and I had to take my pictures at the office today because
it was raining outside!


I spent some time outdoors this weekend.

Suddenly I heard a loud knock.

I looked up and realized it was coming from the treetop.

I looked carefully and there it was...

A huge woodpecker !

So much fun to watch !

Bisou Bisou dress - Flats Le Sport Sac

My only concern now is that woodpeckers usually 
peck or drill on dead or rotting trees.
Which is not a good sign because it's the tree you see
behind me on the above picture and it's right next to the house.

Sunday best

Sunday best is a term usually
associated to being nicely dressed
and usually fit for attending a religious service.

Chic Fille red polka dot dress - Lela Rose for Payless flats 

This tittle has nothing to do with this post.

Topshop printed shirt - Franco Sarto red flats 

It's not Sunday, I am not dressed my best, I am
not attending a religious ceremony.

I am just wearing one dress two ways.


I have shared with you my love for sunglasses before.
They don't have to be expensive or cheap,
I just have to like them.

This time around my sunglasses inspiration came from 
the cover of the Parfois Spring Summer 2013 catalogue.
I went to the Parfois store 3 times looking for these and
was always told that they did not have them.
So, I found a similar pair via Forever 21
and bought them, I guess it's their loss :/

MNG Summer 2013

While buying a present at the MNG store a few weeks ago
I picked up a copy of their MNG Summer 2013 catalogue.

Sitting in traffic as I drove from work to home one afternoon, 
I began flipping through the pages and came across an 
outfit that I thought I could recreate.

Red jeans Sweeteheart Old Navy - White tank top Da Moda - Cable & Gauge snake print cardigan - Black flats Vera Wang

Even though none of the items I wore were from the store, 
they served its purpose of recreating the MNG "Urban Ethnic" look. 
Whatever that means.


Recently a fellow blogger asked me 
where I shopped.

Periwinkle cut out top Forever 21- Printed trousers Zara - Fergalicious pumps
I have a few on line shops I buy from: Forever 21, Etsy, Ebay.
I do a lot of shopping when I travel, because whatever it is I buy
is a souvenier and the odds of running into someone with the
same item decrease.
Also, when I travel I make an effort to go to thrift shops
or street markets where I can find different goodies.

Forever 21 sunglasses
Finally, locally I shop department stores and an outlet
or two. I am also a frequent visitor of the Zara and MNG sales.
I refuse to pay full price, of course sometimes I make an exception.

How about you, where do you shop ?