Recently a fellow blogger asked me 
where I shopped.

Periwinkle cut out top Forever 21- Printed trousers Zara - Fergalicious pumps
I have a few on line shops I buy from: Forever 21, Etsy, Ebay.
I do a lot of shopping when I travel, because whatever it is I buy
is a souvenier and the odds of running into someone with the
same item decrease.
Also, when I travel I make an effort to go to thrift shops
or street markets where I can find different goodies.

Forever 21 sunglasses
Finally, locally I shop department stores and an outlet
or two. I am also a frequent visitor of the Zara and MNG sales.
I refuse to pay full price, of course sometimes I make an exception.

How about you, where do you shop ?


Kim Alston said...

i LOVE those pants and top Lorena! that blue looks awesome on you. i shop everywhere! LOL mainly talbots, jcrew, anthropologie, old navy, loft, ebay...LOL You get the idea! EVERYwhere!

Lisa said...

Hi Lorena!
This is such a great outfit. I love the pants! They're adorable and they look beautiful with that shade of blue.

Jessica Cangiano said...

We are cut from the same (stylish) cloth, my dear Lorena. I also shop from a very wide range of stores (malls, department stores, thrift and secondhand stores, flea markets, online - especially etsy and eBay) and almost never like to pay full price either. The better the deal, the happier I am! :)

Very lovely outfit - that soft, feminine shade of blue is gorgeous on you!

♥ Jessica

Emily said...

You look chic as ever! I love that blouse; it's a sweeter version of the classic button-down. And your trousers are great. I love to shop at Zara for shoes, and Asos for everything else.

May the Force be with you.