November Closet Edits

I cannot believe it's already the end of November...
Here are my closet edits:

Black studded tank top by Casual brand.
Worn once. Too short.

Charlotte Russe blue and brown top.
The fabric thinned out. Wore it very little. Gave me no shape.
Looked awful.

Zara Basic black and white top.  It was thrifted, but it was too big - I never
wore it, so I am passing it on to a friend who will make good use of it.
I was kind of surprised this top was actually made in SPain ! 

Tommy Hilfiger brown top, it's got a pronounced cleavage.
It's too snug for me to wear anything underneath it... so I am passing it on.

My brown shirt or dress by
It does not get much wear.. maybe 3 times in 3 years, just not worth keeping.

Let's Play on My Mood Swing red t shirt, it shrunk or I got bigger.

Orange Bella USA top, surprisingly made in USA.
It had fuzzies on the front and it kept riding up my back.

These Voyou jeans had their own post written a few weeks back:
they are low cut, I have to be pulling them up...  and just have to go.

Cherry earrings and blue cord necklace.
Almost never wear them and after wearing the cherry earring recently, I decided they were not my style.

Silver Tours earrings.
They are really small, feel a little child like in them.
Don't get me wrong I love the bear and have other things from them
but I decided to pass these on to my niece.

This adds to ... 119 pieces YTD!


drollgirl said...

it feels good to edit the closet every now and again. i packed up 3 large bags of clothes and shoes a few weeks ago, and gave them to charity. i missed a few things and might need to do it again sooner or later!

Lisa said...

I love doing closet edits! I usually take my things to the consignment shop and eventually get some money for them!

Kristen said...

You beat me this month! I wondered about those cherry earrings; they were so different for you, so I guess it wasn't a surprise to see them here at the end of the month.

Milex said...